Welcome To Work At Home Mania!!!

Welcome To Work At Home Mania!!!

Work at Home Mania!!!

Here at work at home mania, you will find work at home jobs and resources that will help you to locate real employment online. Whether it be as an independent contractor, freelancer or working with an actual employer. You will find an online job throughout these pages.

The Beginning

Now if you would have told me at 17, when I walked into my data entry/keypunch (Yes, Keypunch) class that I would be spending the next 40 plus years online, I would have called you crazy. But that’s exactly what I have done. Working a few years in the wire room of a regional stock brokerage then several more years in the electronic fund’s transfer department of a national bank, I have been online my entire adult life.

Early on

In the spring of 1992, I lost my job at the bank and was a young mother of 2 children. That fall, I invested in an entire computerized business setup. I was so excited I was going to be able to work from home! I was able to use personalized children’s books to help promote reading to our community children. (Learn to Read Program of Personalized Children’s Books). I also had a community bulletin board using a program similar to voice mail that provided the weather, time, temp, and much more information all at the touch of your fingers. Something rather new at the time. (Check out our Early Work at Home Mania information)


While going through a divorce, briefly I went back to work at a brick and mortar glass company. But as soon as I could, I was back to working from home. I have worked from home exclusively since 1999.

Because of this, I have been able to find companies that hire people to work from home. Personally, since I am disabled, I have worked with My Employment Options, they assist those on SSDI/SSI to locate work at home as well as community jobs. Through the years I have come across several good resources that I use, which I have listed in Work at Home information.

Jobs & opportunities

At Work at home Mania, you will find links to work at home job sites that have daily work at home job listings from Jooble.com, Indeed and several opportunities throughout our site.

Here are a few of my Work at Home ventures in cyberspace that you can visit……

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Mystery Shopping

Plus there are several more companies and work-at-home opportunities awaiting you on here. We also feature Mystery Shopping and Survey companies where you can earn money and rewards for shopping and giving your opinion.   

Guest Writers

Be sure to read the great articles that the Guest Writers have provided. Be sure to check out our featured direct sales companies and representatives for more opportunities and shopping!

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Again Welcome to Work at Home Mania and enjoy your visit. Please Be sure to visit our blog.

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