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Looking back if you would have told me at 17, when I walked into my data entry/keypunch (yes keypunch) class that I would be spending the next few (Over 30 +) years online. I would have called you crazy. But that’s exactly what I have done. Working a few years in the wire room of a regional stock brokerage then in the electronic funds transfer department of a national bank, I have been “online” my entire adult life.

In the spring of 1992, I lost my job at the bank and was a young mother of 2 children. That fall I purchased an entire computerized business set up. I was so excited I was going to be able to work from home! I was able to use personalized children’s books to promote reading to our community and I also had a community bulletin board using a program similar to voice mail that provided the weather, time, temp and much more information all at the touch of your fingers. Something rather new at the time. (Check out our Early Work at Home Mania information)

While going through a divorce, briefly I went back to work at a brick and mortar glass company. But as soon as I could I was back to working from home. I’ve been working from home only since 1999.

Because of this I have been able to find companies that hire people to work from home. Personally because I am disabled, I have worked with My Employment Options,  they help the disabled to locate work from home. Through the years I have come across several good resources that I use, which I have listed under Work at Home information.

At Work at home Mania you will find a links to work at home job sites which have daily work at home job listings and we have listings from several jobs sites as well. Currently our Forum provides links to companies that hire people to work from home. PLEASE NOTE: Just because a company is listed on our forum doesn’t necessarily mean they are hiring at this time. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THESE COMPANIES…..(Our Forum will be evolving in the future, any suggestions are welcome).

Here are a few of my Work At Home ventures in cyberspace that you can visit.  Avon Representative page, If you are interested in the direct link for Avon go to HTTP://youravon.com/workathomemania. Plus we have Joy to Live  nutritional supplements, coffee and more   (HTTP://www.joytolive.net/workathomemania). I am so excited about our Labella Baskets & Gift Shop  Thoughtful Gift  Xpress.com! You can get all kinds of gifts there (Flower & Cookie bouquets, personalized gifts, and more …) and you don’t even have to leave your home. That is www.ThoughtfulGiftXpress.com. And for more personalized gifts and personalized children’s books please visit our link at Custom Story Books.  Plus there are several more companies and work at home opportunities awaiting you there.

If you enjoy Work at home mania  please help to spread the word……Visit our Work at home mania branded T-Shirt and More Café Press site for various items to help promote Work at home mania . That direct link is  HTTP://www.cafepress.com/workathomemania


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