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Rewarding and legitimate jobs for candidates on SSI/SSDI

My Employment Options

Work at Home Jobs are changing the job market by offering rewarding and legitimate jobs for candidates on SSI/SSDI

My Employment Options

I wish to share with you some wonderful information about a fabulous company I came across several years ago, that I know will be helpful to those who receive SSDI and/or SSI benefits and who want to return to work or work for the first time. My Employment Options is an Employment Network that specializes in Work at Home Jobs.


If you or someone you know receives SSDI/ SSI disability, (non retirement) (ages 18-64) Employment Options may be able to help them find a Work at Home or Onsite local job as part of the Free Federal Ticket to Work Program! Their services are FREE to qualified beneficiaries and employers who enjoy hiring their pre-screened candidates. Employers also can receive tax credits – when hiring from this great program.

Authorized Social Security Employment Network

My Employment options (Employment Options, Inc.), is an authorized Social Security Administration (SSA) Employment Network for the Ticket-to-Work program. For over 20 years, they have helped 1000’s (thousands) of their clients (myself included) successfully return to work, so they are not a fly by night organization. They provide valuable resources, tools and support for success. A fully virtual company, job placement counselors are available across the country.

Many of their staff are also recipients of SSDI/SSI disability and are participants in the Ticket-to-Work program. They are happy to share their own personal journey of going back to work. Each client works with their own “personal” job counselor when they come aboard. They hire in 47 states, for work at home and local community onsite positions.  EXCEPT Alaska, California and Hawaii. They also do not offer Work at home services in Washington D.C.

What is Ticket to Work? It is a federal program offered through the Social Security Administration allowing all qualified beneficiaries on disability insurance (SSDI) and supplemental insurance (SSI) benefits to receive free job placement help through an Employment Network (EN), like (My Employment options). This means you can go back to work gradually and test the waters with protection of your medical and disability benefits.

Certified Benefits Specialist/CWIC

My Employment options even has a Certified Benefits Specialist/CWIC that will help you track your income throughout each stage of the program. The benefits counselor is highly trained in all aspects of the Ticket to Work Program including work incentives, safety nets, stages, and helps to guide each of their clients through the program stages and is available to answer questions.


At Employment Options, they are selective and choose clientele very carefully. They represent those earnest, responsible and capable individuals who are serious (right now) about going back to work. They serve clients of various career levels from entry level to professional. They do require that a person have at least a High School diploma or GED to apply.


My Employment options (Employment Options, Inc.), has been featured on National News on the #1 rated Fox news morning show “Fox and Friends.” Their Virtual Job Fair and Work at Home program was featured, as well as job opportunities for people with disabilities.

To quote Paula Reuben Vieillet CEO of My Employment Options “Helping people with disabilities gain dignity through restoring their Self Sufficiency and purpose has been my primary mission since 1993, when Employment Options began. As Paula explains “There are so many jobs scam out there, particularly for Work At Home positions specifically marketed to people with disabilities. A legitimate Employment Network (such as My Employment Options) can help people on SSDI/SSI avoid those scams and find a great job at home or onsite, often with training and benefits.”

Client Placement

Employment Options primarily places clients in W2 employee positions. It states on their FAQ page that they do not help job seekers with self-employment ventures or starting a business — they help you find direct job placement.

“Our clients are recipients of Social Security disability benefits (SSDI) and (SSI) and receive our free job placement services to help to locate suitable and meaningful employment in either Work at Home or local Community Jobs .” 

Over 20 years

For over 20 years, they have helped candidates with free many career services including:

Free Job Placement Services

In addition to free job placement services, they also offer Free Virtual Online job fairs and Free webinars are also offered.

For a list of types of jobs available visit their Job Openings page. Plus check out their Virtual Job Fairs Page. Job seekers are given the opportunity to network in online chat rooms with employers to learn about jobs. These virtual job fairs are open to the General Public nationwide. (You can attend anytime during job fair hours!  

This way you can see some of the reliable and reputable companies that participate in the national online Job fairs. Companies such as Alaska Dialysis, Anthem, Bender Consulting, Concentrix, Enterprise Holdings, Fifth Third Bank, MSC Industrial Supply, Sutherland, Sykes, TTEC (Teletech), VIP Desk, Wells Fargo and U.S. Department of Labor, a just to name a few. They are searching to fill positions they have available.

Free Webinars

Employment options hosts these free webinars throughout the year on helpful topics for job seekers (open to the General Public, nationwide) and recruiters. Whether you need tips for resumes, do’s and don’ts of interviews or applications or to learn about the Free Social Security Ticket to Work Program, their professional staff have you covered! Job seekers nationwide are encouraged to register for these Free online events.

Working Rewards Program

I haven’t even mentioned their Working Rewards Program yet. You are required to turn in your paystubs to My Employment Options, so they can help track your earnings for you. Each time you turn in your paystubs you will receive a Monthly Pay stub raffle ticket. 

Keep your Paystubs and Keep Earning

The Working Rewards program at Employment Options allows clients to “save up” their Monthly pay stub raffle tickets and cash them in for bigger prizes like gift cards, Laptops, big screen monitors and more.

For Employers:

By hiring a qualified person (with a disability), Employers can grow their businesses with loyal and skilled employees, Benefit from tax credits and create a more diverse workforce while “bringing healing to a family when someone returns to work.” Employers can qualify for Tax Credits (earn tax credits) up to $2,400.00 a year per employee by hiring clients in the Ticket to Work Program. Click here and go to the employer’s link for more information.

My Story….

Personally, I have been working with My employment options for years. While I can locate Work at Home positions on my own frequently due to my vast resources; these positions are usually Independent Contractor, seasonal or temporary positions.

With My Employment Options, I have been able to secure more permanent positions. Unfortunately, my Bipolar disorder frequently causes issues that prevent me from maintaining gainful employment, guess I am their problem child. But My Employment Options, my “personal” job counselor Ann Settle and the entire staff understand the issues that I face with my disability. This is because most of the staff are either part of the Ticket to Work Program or have been, and they have their own challenges and disabilities. Everyone I have had dealings with through the years at My Employment Options, have been kind, compassionate and sincerely care about you and helping you get back to work. (example; recently there was severe weather and tornados in my area. My job counselor Ann Settle called and emailed me, just to make sure I was alright, and to see if I needed anything. Pretty caring and thoughtful).

SSDI Cut off

When my Social Security Disability was cut off due to a clerical error by the Social Security Administration, where they had me listed as earning more than I was earning, The fabulous staff at My Employment Options, was Johnny on the spot. They went out of their way to provide me with the documentation I needed to help the Social Security Administration straighten out the error and my benefits were restored almost immediately.

Definitely a 10

I am proud to say that Work at Home and I are now affiliated as ambassadors of My Employment Options. If you are disabled and want to return to work, I highly recommend getting in contact with or checking out the opportunities and services that My Employment Options provides. In my book on a scale of 1 – 10, My Employment Options is definitely a 10.

To Apply

To apply or find out if you qualify for their services or for more information, please click here for the My Employment Options website. Or Contact Shieka Jones in customer service at 800-441-3114 ext. 754

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