Rescued Guinea Pigs Inc.

Rescued Guinea Pigs Inc.

I have known Crystal Humphrey since the 90’s, when our children were going to preschool together. We were on the PTO at the elementary school together and I am proud to feature her and her company Rescued Guinea Pigs Inc.

She has quite an interesting work at home company. When asked what prompted forming this company she stated “someone gave me a guinea pig and I fell in love with her.”

“When I asked if anyone else had one they did not want, well the next thing I knew I had 17. That was in 2007 and in 2015 we got our 501(c)3 non profit status. The rescue was featured in 2 local newspapers. All our adoptable piggies are on As of 2019 we have taken in over 1,300 and adopted out close to 1, 250. All visits to the rescue are by appointment only at this time. You can visit us at”

Rescued Guinea Pigs Inc. is run by Crystal Humphrey and her husband Richard, with the help of a small but vital team of volunteers and fosters. The rescue is funded solely by contributions and adoption fees. The rescue also sells crocheted guinea pigs (see above) and gently-used guinea pig supplies to help fund operations.

Rescued Guinea Pigs Inc. relies on supporters like you for help. Donations in any amount help us provide food, shelter and veterinary care for the guinea pigs at the rescue. We use approximately 120 pounds of pellets every month, and 140 pounds of hay. In addition, vet expenses can total more of $48 for a check-up, $100 for diagnostics like x-rays or bloodwork, and thousands for a single surgery. Considering that the rescue has had up to 60 guinea pigs in our care at any one time, that can quickly become overwhelming.

For photos of the Guinea Pigs she has up for adoption at this time please visit their gallery.