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Tupperware ~ Darla Jo Tascott


My Tupperware why…

     8 years ago this month I attended a Tupperware get together my friend hosted. I fell in love! I loved the products, how much fun the party was, how sweet the consultant was and how much fun SHE was having. I decided that night I wanted it all, so I signed up to become a consultant! A decision I have never regretted! 

     My husband and I have 11 kids! The extra income that Tupperware has brought to our family helps so much. I’ve not only earned money but amazing prizes and rewards as well as gaining a whole organization that feels like a second family. 

If you have any questions I can answer I would love to help you! 

Darla Jo Tascott 

812-718-6271 (call or text) (please shoot me a text if you send an email so I do not miss it!)

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