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Make Money at Home Through Mystery Shopping


5 Scam-free Companies That Offer Telephone Mystery Shopping Jobs

Are you a stay at home mom who’s looking for a side hustle? Here’s some good news: you can now earn easy money through mystery shopping.

Before, a mystery consumer must only visit retail outlets or establishments to evaluate their customer service and product quality. They need to be there physically to do the job and get their pay.

Fast forward to today, everyone can now mystery shop over the phone. As long as you have an Internet connection, access to a computer, professional phone skills and impressive acting skills, then you’re good to go.

To help you land a telephone mystery shopper job, we have listed a few of the scam-free companies that would like to hire someone like you.

Legitimate Telephone Mystery Shopper Jobs

ARC Consulting
ARC holds a positive reputation in the mystery shopping industry because of its commitment to providing work opportunities for disabled adults and home-based parents.

The company hires independent contractors to perform evaluations via calls on a variety of hours and schedules. This diverse working schedule suits well with the clients who often require remote call monitoring during evenings and weekends.

Payment details: Pay varies from $3-$12 depending on the call length


Since 1986, Confero has been helping businesses improve their services through in-person and phone mystery shops.

Interested parties may apply as mystery caller or shopper to do things such as customer service inquiries and price checks. Confero records all phone calls to see who needs training, what shoppers say and who does a great job.

Payment details: Shoppers are paid twice per month, usually around the 10th and 25th

Perception Strategies

Perception Strategies is among the legitimate mystery shopping companies that commission mystery shoppers to make phone calls and collect information.

However, this one limits its mystery consumer services to healthcare facilities. It provides mystery callers with a set of questions to ask. Also, callers are required to write a brief description of the call and action plans to improve the patient or customer experience.

Payment details: Phone call assignments usually offer a pay around $12 to $17

Reality Based Group

Apart from in-person and video mystery shops, Reality Based Group also offers phone mystery programs.

The company not only hires telephone mystery shoppers but also trains them to help their growing client base achieve and maintain their edge over the competition. Through its online dashboard, mystery phone callers can utilise resources and generate reports with great ease.

Payment details: Average hourly pay is approximately $12

Yardi Matrix
Formerly known as Pierce-Eislen, Yardi Matrix hires work at home phone mystery shoppers to collect information from the apartment communities.

Applicants must pass a test before receiving telephone mystery shopping assignments. Once hired, mystery callers should pretend as a potential renter and ask rental owners simple questions about their properties.

Payment details: Mystery callers are paid $6 hourly along with a per-call structure ranging from $.40-$.10

Earn Money at Home

Spending at home 24/7 is a dream come true for some. But for moms like you and other adults who want to earn income, sitting and lying on the couch all day isn’t a great idea.

Good thing mystery shopping has been made available for people who can’t manage to visit shops personally. With telephone mystery shopping, anyone who has a computer, stable internet connection, working phone and of course—exceptional phone skills—can earn money at home.

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