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Hello, My name is Tracy Campbell.  I am the owner and publisher of Laff Worx LLC of Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky.  Laff Worx is a free “newsless” paper publication filled with jokes, puzzles, coupons, ads and recipes.  Ten thousand copies are printed and distributed to over two hundred local businesses in seven counties on a monthly basis.   

Tracy Campbell of
Laff Worx LLC

            I have been operating from my home since September of 2011.  Advertising sales is how I am able to support myself.  To keep costs down for my customers I personally do the sales, create the ads, lay out my paper, upload to a local printer and distribute to seven counties.  

            Being a small business owner myself, I am very passionate about helping small businesses grow.  I have two mottos: “Do what you love and make money doing it!” and “It’s not about selling ads, it’s about helping businesses grow, one publication at a time.”   

The truth be told, I do not enjoy the sales aspect.  The creativity of my business is what brings me much joy.  Oh yes, and being able to stay home, in my pajamas working in my office most days, taking care of my family and my home. 

In the past eight years I have been able to grow my business from printing three thousand and distributing to just one county to now printing ten thousand and distributing to seven counties.  I am totally self-taught with absolutely no design experience.  If you could see my first publication compared to the current one, OH MY!  And I was so proud of that first one too.  I’ve come a long way and the future is so bright.  2019 was one of my best years and 2020 looks to be even better.    

Here is what I believe it takes to be a success at whatever you choose to do:

  • Motivation to succeed, incredibly hard working and positive.
  • Creativity in always thinking how to improve every aspect of you and your business.
  • Vision to tackle your day-to-day responsibilities while keeping an eye on your long-term goals.
  • Flexibility in being able to adapt to change and solving problems as they arise.
  • Decisiveness in making decision under pressure and not being a procrastinator.

Just a little about me: I am proud to be fifty years young. I was blessed to be a stay at home, home-schooling mom of two for twenty years.  I am married to an amazing man who supports what I love to do.  And, I could not be this blessed without giving all the praise and glory to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

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