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Legendary Marketer’s 15 Day Challenge Review. Worth it?

I saw one of David Sharpe’s ads on YouTube recently promoting his Legendary Marketer program. It is called the 15 Day Challenge and in this review, I’ll be covering things you have to know before you join (or if you should).

Being that I have experience with both online business, internet marketing and was even briefly part of Legendary Marketer, I want to give you my take on this 15 Day Challenge, it’s pros and cons and also provide an alternative, which quite frankly in my opinion would be a better fit for most beginners into this business, especially with all the success stories and no risk in trying it, but more on that later.

Quick Report on 15 Day Challenge (AKA 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge):

Creator: David Sharpe.15 day challenge review screenshot

Price: $7.

What does it teach? You get 15 lessons teaching you about online marketing, particularly of the high ticket sort where you promote and make big ticket commissions off each sale.

Eventually, this 15 Day Challenge leads people to check out Legendary Marketer, which is the end goal really and while that program does have great value, there are several tiers of membership levels, all of which become VERY expensive, especially as you try to access the higher tiers.

So please keep this in mind moving forward, because the 15 Day Challenge technically doesn’t actually end in 15 days. And even their own site says, they are not a get rich quick scheme, so it’s not like you’ll be rich by the end of the challenge.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10 stars.

Now let me explain very important things:

Do I recommend this?

The 15 Day Challenge itself, maybe. Legendary Marketer? Not really.

Based on what I have seen with the 15 Day Challenge, there is a lot of great value in trying out this challenge, especially for the $7 it’s currently available for. But at the same time, the end goal again, is to get people to join Legendary Marketer, a program I left because of it’s prices and because frankly, there are never any guarantees that you will make money.

Now the truth is, NO business can ever guarantee things, because there’s so many factors on the business’s and customers side that determine if this happens, but if you’re just getting into online business, know that it takes work, time.

Alternatives? Yes.

While Legendary Marketer does eventually cost a lot to try, with no guarantees, there is an alternative program I achieved all of my online success from (and have for years). It is called Wealthy Affiliate and while they too cannot guarantee success, they do have a lot of success stories and they are free to try.

I have in almost every single instance been opposed to recommending high ticket programs, because there is no real need for customers to pay SO much, when programs like Wealthy Affiliate exist that offer amazing value for so much less:

15 day challenge alternative

5 important disclaimers before we continue this review of 15 Day Challenge:

1) I did not purchase the 15 Day Challenge. However, I saw the training lessons on their sales page and can pretty much already tell you what they teach, but still, it’s based of my own opinion.

2) I have documented making over $1 million in online marketing sales through affiliate marketing, so my opinions about the 15 Day Challenge don’t come from nothing. They come from the massive experience I have in this business and you can read about my personal story of it here.

3) I HAD been a member of Legendary Marketer, through their least expensive membership and had seen their training to determine why I didn’t want to move forward. Their training IS good, but the real value is only really accessible when you upgrade your membership, and that can really cost a lot of money. Much of the training I got was on Facebook ads and learning about the opportunity in promoting Legendary Marketer.

4) I don’t consider Legendary Marketer a high ticket scheme, but it is a high ticket program none the less and I have personal positions on high ticket programs and why I don’t usually recommend them.

I don’t believe it’s right for customers to pay so much money to get information and good training on online business.

5) Like I said before, Wealthy Affiliate is where I got my results from and if I and so many other Wealthy Affiliate success stories can do it without spending so much money, you can too and I imagine MOST people seeking to start an online business, don’t have $1,000’s to invest (again with no guarantees), so recommending Wealthy Affiliate, a very inexpensive but HIGH value option is pro consumer in my view.

All this being said, this my review of 15 Day Challenge:

So as I said earlier (and as it should probably be very clear already) this is 15 day program in which you are given 1 lesson everyday, and each lesson deals with learning about creating an online business and making high ticket sales. 

High ticket sales means you can make $100’s, $1,000’s or even more in a single sale from promoting something that costs a lot of money. Generally speaking, within the context of Legendary Marketer, there are 2 ways you can do this:

1) You can promote Legendary Marketer itself, but in order to be able to make high ticket commissions, I believe you do need to actually buy one of their higher level memberships, so this may require a lot of investment (and a lot of risk if you’re not successful). But there are successful members of this program such as Nathan Lucas, whose blog Freedom Influencer I like.

2) You can also promote expensive products outside the Legendary Marketer realm and I always advise this option because it can be done WITHOUT you having to buy the product first.

For example, you can promote expensive high ticket items from Amazon and be able to make good sales without ever buying it. In this case, you risk very little if any investment. And again, programs like Wealthy Affiliate teach this process too, and very well.

Now before you call me a Wealthy Affiliate fan boy (which I am, and I have no issues admitting that, its that good), I do recommend other programs that are also high quality and here are 7 programs in the online business realm that I consider to be very good, out of which, yes, I do consider Wealthy Affiliate to be the best.

Final Rating: 15 Day Challenge.

Yellow Flag

4 out of 10 stars. Generally speaking, the whole 15 Day Challenge acts as more of a prep and prelude the getting people into the Legendary Marketer system. I know from previous experiences reviewing David Sharpe’s approach to marketing, he does a great job at getting people excited, which is why he is a very successful marketer.

And you can check out the 15 Day Challenge here yourself. And this is not an affiliate link to it. Again, I am not promoting, nor will I promote David’s stuff.

However, in my opinion, David has a questionable history with being founders of programs I was never a fan of such as Empower Network, and frankly, this is one of the other reasons I left Legendary Marketer.

My final thoughts:

Investment risks are a major criteria in how I rate programs and mixing that together with the experience I have on Legendary Marketer, David Sharpe AND my own vast knowledge in the business, I don’t consider this to be a worthwhile program to get into.

The 15 Day Challenge again has value and you can examine that yourself, but remember, there is never any guarantee that you’re going to succeed (and once again, they say this as well!). 

So my whole thing in what I recommend people do is this:

  • If you’re a beginner to getting started with online business.
  • If you have very little money to put into the opportunity and can’t afford to spend a ton.
  • If you just want to “get your feet wet” and see if this online business stuff is for you.
  • If you are looking to potentially create a profitable business and work from home.

Then based on these things, Wealthy Affiliate is what I’d recommend well above the 15 Day Challenge or Legendary Marketer for that matter. You can try that program out for free, and there many more benefits other than the great training that you would get.

A Guide to Celebrating Your Birthday During Coronavirus

As my 37th birthday approached in times of coronavirus, I faced a decision: Cancel the revelry in the interest of flattening the curve? Or proceed as if we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic that’s bringing the world to its knees?

March Madness had already been canceled. So had St. Patrick’s Day parades across the globe. The Boston Marathon and Kentucky Derby were postponed.

But here in St. Petersburg, Florida, I was still waffling on whether plans for the 37th Annual Robin Hartill Awareness Day really needed to be canceled.

Couldn’t I keep my plans to meet up with friends for margaritas if we sat 6 feet apart and avoided the communal chips and queso order?

But every day in the week leading up to my March 20 birthday brought the pandemic closer to home. Every day brought a tidal wave of business closings. Every closure meant more people would bear the financial burden of flattening the curve.

Finally, on March 19, I made the call I should have made days earlier: Face-to-face birthday celebrations would not proceed as scheduled.

I wasn’t sure if I should celebrate at all in such an awful time — or just do it alone.

I had the basics of an emergency birthday celebration kit on hand: A bottle of cheap vodka in my freezer. A box of strawberry Duncan Hines cake mix in my pantry. Two “3” candles buried in my drawer, presumably relics from the year I turned 33.

But the idea of drinking vodka and eating cake into the night on my beat-up couch sounded kind of lonely. I’m a single lady who lives alone after all, save for my dog, Kermit. So yeah, I wanted to celebrate with humans. Maybe we could all benefit from some levity and socializing, rather than dealing with our anxieties in isolation.

I Slacked my co-workers to invite them to my virtual coronabirthday happy hour, which would take place via Zoom. I also texted the friends I’d planned to celebrate with to invite them to a Google Hangout encore happy hour.

“Let’s be honest,” I wrote. “You probably don’t have anything better to do.”

How I Prepped for My Pandemic Birthday Party

During a needed grocery run that evening, I splurged on a few non-essentials: BOGO six-packs of Goose Island IPAs, plus birthday hats and party blowers. The birthday stuff came out to $15.86.

At $15.86, this would be my cheapest birthday yet. Even cheaper than my 34th birthday, when I celebrated by scoring $114.47 worth of birthday freebies. You have to spend money to make birthday freebies happen, so it’s not like I finished $114.47 in the black.

The next morning brought the normal flood of texts and Facebook messages that anyone who’s ever celebrated a birthday is familiar with. Only this year, they reflected the weirdness of the times.

“Happy pandemic birthday, Robin!” my friend Nancy wrote.

I started the day with my new normal, which is a bike ride and jog at sunrise, followed by a Zoom meeting.

I did get some work done that day, I swear, in between the texts and phone calls, virtual lunch with a co-worker and FaceTiming with my friend’s dog.

But I called it quits a little early. Hey, a coronabirthday girl is still a birthday girl, and I had a party to prep for, starting with my cake.

I had to beat the eggs extra hard into the mixture because they’d somehow frozen in my refrigerator. My pan was way too small. Hey, I’m a wordsmith, not a baker. I prayed that something edible would emerge from the oven 27 to 29 minutes later.

While the cake baked, I put on makeup and did my hair for the first time in more than a week. I put on my party hat. Gosh darnit, I was going to look like someone celebrating a birthday and not someone hibernating in a work-from-home pandemic bunker.

And of course, no birthday celebration could be complete without calling the woman who made the 37th Annual Robin Hartill birthday celebration possible: my mom.

My Virtual Coronabirthday Happy Hour: ‘What Are We Supposed to Be Doing?’

My cake came out brown on top. I made a mess of the hot pink frosting. Then, there were the two “3” candles that seemed like false advertising.

Perfect? No. Good enough for a coronabirthday? Absolutely.

A couple people were already on the Zoom call when I joined my virtual happy hour. As people appeared one by one, we made awkward chit-chat.

“What are we supposed to be doing?” someone asked.

Hmmm. Legit question. I don’t know that any of us knew what you’re supposed to do at a virtual coronabirthday happy hour.

We toasted virtually. We talked about work-from-home life, having our dogs as co-workers and our weekend plans.

My co-worker Megan had been planning to fly to Spain the next day. Instead she was going to spend the weekend organizing her closet. Everyone else’s plans were about the same.

Another co-worker, Nick, mentioned that he’d found toilet paper at a neighborhood convenience store. Maybe I just missed it in the Zoom chatter, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t tell us the name.

At the end of the call, my co-workers sang “Happy Birthday.” I blew out my candles and looked out to the audience in my living room, i.e., my dog, Kermit.

I had my second virtual happy hour via Google Hangout. Then I decided to splurge one more time before my birthday was over and order a pizza.

The driver arrived wearing gloves and a mask. I swung open the door to greet him. He was already sprinting back to his car.

How to Celebrate While Social Distancing

I’m not going to tell you that my coronabirthday was the best birthday ever. Sure, I had fun, but any celebration is a lot more fun when you have other humans in the room.

If you have a birthday celebration, be sure to be safe. Sure, your birthday is a big deal to you, but the health of the people you care about matters so much more. Don’t ask others to break their social distancing so they can celebrate with you.

Also, make it clear to those you love that you aren’t asking for presents this year. With so many people struggling right now, tell your loved ones that the best gift they can give you is to save any money they would have spent to survive the months ahead.

But don’t feel guilty about celebrating your birthday or any other occasion even in the midst of a pandemic.

If someone you love is celebrating a birthday, don’t feel pressure to spend money. But don’t just send them a text. Pick up the phone and call to let them know you’re thinking about them on their birthday. Let’s make this the year we all stop writing “HBD” on one another’s Facebook walls.

We don’t know how long these times will last. A lot of us will have birthdays and anniversaries and milestones in that time. If the last several months have taught us anything, it’s how quickly life can change. So let’s celebrate when we can, even if we’re quarantined at home.

Robin Hartill is a senior editor at The Penny Hoarder and the voice behind the Dear Penny personal finance advice column. When she blew out the candles on her cake, she made a wish that her 38th birthday will be less weird.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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Springboard Reviews: How to Switch Careers and Earn $60K+ a Year

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Have you ever thought about starting a new career?

We’ve all been there. Maybe your pay isn’t great. Maybe you’re not advancing. Or maybe you’re just ready for something new. 

But what are your options? You can’t just up and quit your job; you need that paycheck. And going back to college and starting from scratch is daunting.

But an education company called Springboard offers accelerated bootcamps in the tech industry that take just six or nine months to complete. 

You don’t even need to quit your job — in less than a year, you could complete your bootcamp and land a job earning $60,000 or more per year. And the bootcamps cost less than a semester of college. 

How to Launch Your New Tech Career (Even if You Have No Experience)

Even if you’re new to the field, Springboard sets you up with everything you need to learn in their bootcamps. It offers a number of online courses in the tech space, but here are two of the more popular ones:

  1. UI/UX Design Bootcamp: Take this nine-month course to become a UI/UX designer, meaning you could help design apps and websites. Workers in this field make an average of $85,277 a year, according to Glassdoor.
  2. Data Analytics Bootcamp: Take this six-month course to become a data analyst, meaning you’ll study data and help companies make smarter business decisions. Data analysts earn an average of $62,452 a year, according to Glassdoor.
  3. Data Engineering Bootcamp: Take this six-month course to become a data engineer, one of the fastest-growing careers in tech. Data engineers can earn an average of more than $98,762 a year, according to Glassdoor.

Plus, Penny Hoarder readers will receive a $500 scholarship when they enroll with the code SPRINGBOARDPENNY. And there’s no lengthy sign-up process either. It takes 15 minutes to apply online.

If You Can’t Find a Job Within 6 Months? Get Your Money Back

We get it. Making a big career change can be scary, but it could allow you to pursue your dream job — and get a bigger paycheck.

Plus, if it doesn’t work out, Springboard will give you your money back. Seriously.

If you don’t get a job within six months of finishing an online course, Springboard will refund you, as long as you’ve been active in your job search.

What to Expect in These Online Bootcamps

Most students devote 15 to 20 hours per week to their courses, Springboard says.

And just because you’re taking these classes online, doesn’t mean you’ll be doing it alone. You’ll have a personal mentor who’s an expert in the industry. You’ll connect with them via video conferencing once a week to make sure you’re on track.

Then, once you start looking for a job, you’ll get a career coach who’ll guide you through the job application process. Springboard says its grads have gone on to work for Dell, Facebook, Google, IBM and Lyft, among other companies. 

It takes about 15 minutes to apply for a course — and there are no application fees.

Let’s Talk About The Money

So maybe you’re wondering: How much is this going to cost?

Tuition for the nine-month UI/UX design course is $10,000. For the six-month data analytics course, tuition is $5,500. If you’re interested in the six-month data engineering course, it’s $7,500.

Are those small numbers? No, but it’s a fraction of the cost of college. In fact, in some cases, it costs less than one semester of college.

Plus, there are a bunch of different ways you can pay. For instance, you can wait to make payments after you complete your courses and get a new job.

You could also start paying when you sign up and make monthly payments as low as $37. That’s less than the cost of a weekly grocery haul for most of us. Or, if you can afford it, you can pay upfront and get a 17% discount.

And don’t forget about that $500 scholarship, which is available to the first 20 students who sign up with the code SPRINGBOARDPENNY.

How to Launch Your New Career in as Little as 6 Months

Curious if this is the right move for you?

Explore Springboard’s course options, and apply right online. Again, it only takes 15 minutes, and there are no application fees.

Springboard is a whole lot cheaper — and quicker — than going back to school, and you could walk away making $60,000 or more a year.

Mike Brassfield ( is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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