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Internet Traffic Academy Review. Is Vick’s Program a Scam?

I’ve been reviewing IM products by Vick Strizheus for years and to be honest, I’ve never recommended them (I’ll explain why). Today, I’m adding a new program of his to the list: Internet Traffic Academy (ITA).

It’s been around for awhile, but lately, I’ve been getting ads for the ITA program (and you probably have too) and so I decided to sign up to see the presentation Vick had going on to pitch it.

And after watching it while also deducing what I already know about how Vick and his previous programs, mixed with what I know about traffic (it’s a lot), I can’t really say this new program sounds that much different than from his old ones (and that is not a compliment, nor is it a bad accusation, I’m just being impartial) and no, I will not be recommending it.

In this review of Internet Traffic Academy, I’ll be covering the following things:

  • What you need to know about Internet Traffic Academy, including how it works.
  • The breakdown of Vick’s pitch selling it and if it’s really a unique “new” opportunity or not.
  • Why Vick Strizheus’s history of IM programs is important to consider (the risks).
  • And why I don’t recommend the program in general. 
  • Ultimately, there are 3 major concerns I have about this program that explain why I don’t recommend it.

Quick Report on Internet Traffic Academy (ITA):

internet traffic academy review screenshot

Creator: Vick Strizheus.

Price: $1,497 (this is an early bird price based on the presentation I saw).

Rating: 3 out of 10 stars.

Despite being a low rating overall, this is actually the highest rating I’ve given to a Vick Strizheus program and it’s not because the program is bad or anything, but because my distrust of Vick and his practices are why I personally take caution with him and his programs.

internet traffic academy alternative

A disclaimer about my Internet Traffic Academy review:

1) I didn’t buy ITA, but I was a brief member of one of his other programs called Four Percent Challenge. I decided not to get ITA, not just because of the price but also because of reason #2:

2) I really have a difficult time trusting Vick even though I want to give ITA the benefit of the doubt (the first concern below explains why).

I will summarize the history I know about Vick as well as the way I see him promote ITA and his previous programs in the same way over and over and frankly, the picture I’ve painted of Vick is that while his programs can work, the way this dude operates is not in my opinion something I’d be comfortable recommending.

3) I really believe he is an incredible sales person who has a talent for hyping up and selling his offers, and honestly probably delivering on many of those promises, but this review of ITA will really break down what’s hyped and what isn’t because the presentation I saw 

4) Vick is more successful than I at this business, and a huge part of that is because he takes risks. But another part of that in my opinion is that he may cross certain lines I wouldn’t ethically feel comfortable doing so (and I will explain what I mean). 

5) When it comes to traffic generation, I’m one of the few people who actually knows a ton about it. In fact, many of the same places Vick gets his huge traffic numbers from, I do as well and I do affiliate marketing full time.

Yet my knowledge on this field and my success has never come from buying high ticket programs like ITA. I’ve always advised cheaper, yet high quality approaches to learning this and here’s the best one:

ita alternative

What’s Internet Traffic Academy all about? These 5 parts encapsulate it:

This is my own interpretation of the program based on what I know about traffic and Vick himself:

1) First, the traffic generation part (where is it coming from?):

You’re going to get traffic generation training essentially and getting them from places like:

Facebook, YouTube, Google, and probably other sources. You’ll learn how to use the paid ad options of these networks to create ads that get a lot of views, clicks and visitors to your site.

2) Then you can turn that traffic into profits:

When these people come to your site, you can sell them affiliate offers, collect their email and pitch them whatever you feel is relevant. But with these networks, you really will be able to get a lot of visitors to your site/offers and I know about this since I also use these networks for traffic generation to my websites and offers.

3) Retargeting, aka improving profit margins:

You also learn about retargeting methods of marketing and basically filtering out the traffic you get from these networks to only really focus on the most targeted people to see your ads/offers. In short, retargeting can intelligently help you pitch your offers to the most likely buyers and therefore save you money on ad spend.

4) Promoting Internet Traffic Academy itself (the “opportunity”):

There is also a pitch within the ITA presentation I saw where Vick says you can also promote ITA to people, which not only provides high commissions for doing so, but also takes people into the bigger network beyond ITA which is

That is a program where Vick offers other products on marketing, which if people enter to through you, and buy, you’ll also make additional affiliate sales for any other offers within that your referrals buy. Here is a link to where you can find a list of the products (and this is not an affiliate link).

5) Using the system for your own promotions & online business:

One of the things I did like in Vick’s presentation of ITA was that he did mention that the strategies you learn from this program can be used to promote your own businesses and online programs. And honestly, I do believe that, so I’m glad to see that Vick mixes up the opportunity of using his program with promoting your own stuff, while also pitching the idea to promote his stuff.

Let’s get to the 3 concerns I have about Internet Traffic Academy (this is important):

Before I explain them, let me say that I want to label ITA as a legitimate program and compared to the other programs I’ve seen of Vick’s, this may be the most high quality one so far. But that doesn’t remove the concerns I have, so let’s get to them:

1) The first main concern I have is actually regarding Vick himself:

He has his own history prior to doing internet marketing that I don’t even want to mention because people are allowed to change and I hope he has. 

But in the internet marketing world, there are certain recurring names and faces I know about and when I see these people release a new program, depending on the reputation that creator has from previous programs they’ve made, it plays a huge role with whether or not I’ll recommend it.

And there are certain internet marketing gurus I trust, but I can’t put Vick on that list I made.

Since I have known about Vick for years, and have checked out the following programs he made:

I’ve seen the following type of trend with Vick, which ultimately makes me question getting ITA: 

1) Vick comes into the internet marketing scene with a product/program (It usually teaches traffic generation) and does a REALLY great job of pitching it. Some time passes, and the program kind of dies out. 

2) A few years later, Vick comes out again, with a “new” program and guess what the pitch is? Yep, another traffic generation program and it sounds like it’s a brand new thing. Then again, after some time, this new program again dies out.

3) And then once again, years later, another Vick Strizheus program comes out and the same trend repeats again. 

4) And this has happened all 4 times I’ve seen and reviewed his programs above. With Internet Traffic Academy, that makes 5.

5) Sure with ITA, he talks about things like “traffic aggregation” and uses fancy pitches with regards to the program, but guess what?

I also heard these same kinds of “revolutionary and new” type pitches from his previous programs too. 

In short, I don’t really trust serial creators of internet marketing products, especially those who keep pitching the same kind of pitch every time they release a “new” program, especially with the same message (in this case, about traffic generation).

There’s a part of me that wonders if the new program has repackaged material from the old one/s and I also wonder if members of the old program/s of his get special discounts and access to his newer ones (I would hope so!).

2) My second concern: Learning/buying from high ticket programs is too much.

internet traffic academy price

If you want to know my beef with high ticket systems, read about it here, but the main argument is always the following:

Since I have seen MANY different internet marketing programs teach things like traffic generation and I know about the price ranges and value of these programs, I’ve always drawn the conclusion that:

You never need to pay so much for high ticket programs and I do believe MANY of them are inflated in their value.

And I can prove this:

First with my own history with internet marketing.

Second, with recommending programs like Wealthy Affiliate that teach core fundamentals of internet business, especially affiliate marketing. I learned my skills about SEO, PPC, YouTube, and other things from there, and I saved a ton of money through this without ever having to pay for a single high ticket system!

And third, well you saw the income numbers I shared above. And again, I’m not a Vick Strizheus in terms of success, but I am still successful.

So every time I see an internet marketer pitch me their high ticket system, and they try to tell me that I’ll learn about “secrets” of making money online, which I always think is just fundamental internet marketing training, guess what?

I already know about them thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and I saved a lot by learning it there.

3) My third issue: Extra spending (And this is a prediction):

If you get Internet Traffic Academy, I can almost certainly predict that will not be the end of your spending and it probably won’t be small either.

What else is there you ask? Well here are my educated predictions: 

1) You’ll likely be pitched Clickfunnels for which you’ll have to pay monthly. This is not a scam, but rather it’s a common upsell pitched in many internet marketing programs today (and it’s a good program, but it’s not for everyone and it’s just really expensive).

2) Then there’s also the other programs and products of which each have their own price ranges ($100’s). And they are OPTIONAL, but I’m certain you’ll be pitched about them once you get ITA. 

3) Then there’s also something that every internet marketer who buys a program and tests out the training knows: There’s ALWAYS a learning curve period to trying out the methods. 

You may have to spend money on paid ads with ITA and that itself is more spending.

And on top of this, I would never tell you this stuff is guaranteed (I doubt Vick would either). So overall, you’re looking at some pretty big expenses beyond just buying the Internet Traffic Academy program. 

If you’re getting the sense that this stuff works, be careful. I learned never to believe that sort of thought.

Final Rating: Internet Traffic Academy.

Yellow Flag

3 out of 10 stars. I do believe Internet Traffic Academy to be one of the better programs in Vick’s history of product releases and one of the reasons why is because the parent company, has been around for a long time, surpassing the lifetime of Vick’s previous programs (that’s a good thing).

My final thoughts:

The 3 concerns I listed are very important to this whole review and I still just have a hard time trusting the dude because of the past. So overall, I’m still skeptical of Vick and this new program of his.

And when I take that concern, I find myself not being able to recommend ITA. At the same time though, when I know about other affiliate programs such as Wealthy Affiliate (the top choice) that brought me success in making money online, and know that:

  • Their history is good.
  • Their prices are low.
  • And that the results are there.

Then, when I add that into the whole review of ITA, I am once again leaning to recommending Wealthy Affiliate because I consider it the better choice.

ita alternative 4

  • You’ll learn about internet marketing. 
  • You’ll learn about blogging, making niche and affiliate sites.
  • You’ll have access to many tools and help with this program.
  • And you won’t have to spend high ticket prices to do this.

But I won’t lie, it will take time and work, as it will with ITA, but either way, thank you for reading this review of Internet Traffic Academy!

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YTA Method Review. Is it a Scam or Does it Really Work?

As far as hype goes, Caleb Maddix’s YTA Method has a lot of it in my opinion. But at the same time, the kid’s a genius at marketing and creating suspense because seeing his ad made me want to check this program out and write this review.

You’ve likely already seen the promotion/s for YTA Method across Google and YouTube and you’re probably visiting this page now because you want to know if it really works. I will be answering that and other common questions people have about this program such as:

  • How is it possible to create very profitable YouTube videos without showing your face?
  • How it is it possible to “automate” video content creation and make money off it so “easily”?
  • Does this program actually work or is it just a hype train and possibly a scam?

Let me say that after researching this program from different angles (from affiliates to critics of it), it’s a mixed bag and I am NOT going to be promoting it.

This review is very unbiased because I have a lot of reservations about using the YTA Method which I’ll explain shortly but I’m going to do my best to give you the pros and cons of YTA Method and help you decide if it’s worth using.

Quick Report on YTA Method (YouTube Automation):

Creator:yta method review

Caleb Maddix.


$997 one time or 2 payments of $597. 

Rating: 3 out of 10 stars.

I’ll explain that rating shortly, but if you want to know:

Do I recommend it?

The answer is no, and there are a few reasons why such as the price, plus the realism of this formula working.

I personally believe YTA Method CAN work, but there are SO many realistic obstacles to consider that I just don’t think it’s worth it (and I will explain it all).

4 short and personal disclaimers about this review of YTA Method:

Before I give you ALL the details on YTA Method that I learned, let me say that:

1) I didn’t buy this program but i have thoroughly researched it.

2) I found sources online from people who did buy it, and showed me an inside look, to people who promote it and those who criticize it (legitimately). I will be linking to these sources as well for you to make your own independent decision on YTA Method. I also saw the YTA webinar so I collected different points of views on this program to make this review.

3) I’m also an intermediate YouTube content creator (I so far earned about $40,000 from YouTube) and advanced internet marketer ( I do affiliate marketing and earned over $1 million from it) and I know a lot about realistically putting into practice different ideas to make money.

4) So when I examine what I learned about YTA Method with what people show me about the program and combine that with my experiences, this is what provided this review. 

And overall, here’s a quick note about myself:

yta method alternative

Here’s how YTA Method works (the summary):

Ok so this is where I’ll explain the actual formula. This is how it really works:

1) You basically learn to find niche topics on YouTube and popular channels and videos that are getting a lot of views and hits on them.

2) Then you see which particular videos get the most attention and basically hire people from places like Fiverr or to make similar videos to basically “piggyback” off the popular videos. 

3) In other words, when you see which videos get a lot of attention and tons of views, and by hiring people to make similar ones like it (unique one, not copied), you can leverage that popularity for yourself and get a lot of visitors. Basically you see what works for other YouTubers and mimic their content ideas, but in your own style (you can’t copy other people’s videos, and even Caleb says that).

4) Then by getting a lot of views to that video that’s made for you, you don’t have to actually show your face or record your voice (which backs up Caleb’s claims in his ads).

5) Then it’s a matter of repetition and scaling where you keep finding other popular videos and hiring people to make their own versions of it for you, including thumbnails, the video content itself and so on. 

The whole YTA Method is a training program to help you get each part of this process done correctly, from:

  • Finding the popular niches.
  • To finding the popular channels.
  • To finding the outsourcing options to make your own versions of those videos.
  • To monetizing the video.
  • To scaling that and growing your channel.
  • This is all encompassed in an 8 week course.

YTA Method sounds full proof no? Well not exactly (before you see the pros and cons):

The thing I have to share is that with all the experiences I have in internet marketing, one thing I can always be certain off is that the more hyped and “full proof” a product or program is made to sound, the more careful you need to be about it.

Many products and programs in the internet marketing world sell because of how well they are hyped.

And people who listen to webinars and sales pitches from product creators are often lost on what the program actually is, and that’s because pretty much most of what you hear about it is: 

  • This is full proof.
  • These are all the success stories.
  • Stories about the creator becoming a rich success story.
  • Talks about how easy the system is.
  • Talks about how “hands off” the system is.

This is generally the message I get from MOST of the make money online programs I review and I’ve learned to tune out the hype and focus on trying to figure out what the program actually is.

So now that I’ve said that and explained what YTA Method really is, let me get to it’s pros and cons, and then explain why I won’t be recommending it:


  • First, there’s a level of respect I have for Caleb. Doing this stuff at such a young age is admirable.
  • Piggybacking off popular niches, YouTube channels and making videos on similar content technically works.


  • Price. I don’t really ever recommend programs that are this much.
  • Good luck finding trustworthy or competent people who will make high quality videos for you on YouTube (very rare).
  • In my experience, outsourcing work online is tough to get right. Most people produce cheap/low quality content.
  • There’s a possibility of demonitization of channels which use these types of methods (this source I found on YT said it).
  • Practically, this formula will take time, and money to optimize. ANY formula to make money online will as well.
  • I honestly don’t like such hyped videos and sales pitches for programs. This program has a lot of it!
  • Every single person who I researched that PROMOTED this program never showed me their results from using the YTA Method.
  • These claims about how easy, hands off and automated the process is in my opinion only sounds good, but practically isn’t like that in reality. I’ve done internet marketing a lot and tried many different options. The most hyped sounding ones in my experience always end up being the biggest failures for me.

yta alternative 2


Final Rating: YTA Method (and the reason for it).

3 out of 10 stars. Succeeding on YouTube is 100% possible but when I see programs that try to cut corners and make you think it can be done hands off, by simply hiring other people to piggyback off popular content, I just don’t think in my experience it will work.

It’s easy to think that you’ll just find and hire people for cheap to build you YouTube videos while you sit back and rake in money, but there’s just so many holes in such a belief such as:

Hiring for cheap produces cheap results and your business’s profits will reflect that.

And there’s also a period in EVERY business where you learn a system, use it and it takes time to see results and the more lazy you are during this period, the longer it will take for success to arrive (and that’s considering it even does, as being lazy never really leads to success anyway).

Taking it back to YTA Method, I don’t believe you can achieve success online while being hands off and lazy. And that is ultimately the MAIN con I see with this program (and the price).

I mean when I see that I don’t have to make my own videos and I can just hire people to do this stuff for me, what else am I going to assume?

Now additionally, I have to cite a few another source (in addition to the one above) which is this review of YTA Method from a woman who did get it.

She didn’t show her results from it, but I appreciate her sharing the experiences and it was one of the sources I used for my review. But I wasn’t convinced this program was good enough to recommend and so I’ll be recommending the same approaches I’ve been using to make money online for years.

My final thoughts:

I have a lot of experience in building an online business through various methods:

  • I have a website that makes me a full time income.
  • I have a YouTube channel and years of experience making videos (and money).
  • I also have a ton of other experiences in fields like email marketing, pay per click and other stuff.

In every single area I just listed, I’ve always found and looked at programs which like YTA Method gave me the impression that success could be accomplished easily in whatever field if I just used “this awesome automated system”. 

Well that always ended up being a dead end and the lesson I learned was that I had to stop looking at these hyped programs and get to working on my own online business without trying to cheat or cut corners and that’s how I made it to where I am today in this business.

If you’re serious about succeeding online, and that includes through YouTube, I believe that trying to cut corners is not how you’ll achieve success and I do recommend you follow a specific program and blueprint to get there, but that program has to be realistic in what you need to do.

If you need specifics, then here you go: Wealthy Affiliate is that program that will realistically show you what you need to do to succeed at all of this.

What I’m trying to say is: I believe more so in programs that tell me up front that you have to work hard to succeed, than those that are hyped and say it’s easy and my experiences have consistently proven that to be the case.

So sadly, while I do believe there’s legitimacy in the YTA Method itself, for the most part, practically, I think there’s better and more practical ways to see success.

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