The Work at Home Adventure

woman using a laptop with her daughter
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The Work at Home Adventure

For many, the term “Work at Home” conjures images of sleeping in, sitting at a computer in pajamas and fuzzy slippers, sipping coffee, and getting paid for it. Naturally, this would be appealing to everyone; who wouldn’t want a job like that? But the reality of working at home can be much different. While there may be times that work can be done in this manner, it’s going to take some effort on your part to get there.

Working at home can involve a wide array of tasks – from customer service, sales, writing, blogging, as well as those that work remotely for a brick & mortar company. Whatever type of work you do, there are some basic guidelines to remember that will make your experience much better and more profitable.

~Be Realistic

It’s important to understand, when doing freelance work especially, that a career is not built overnight. It takes time to build a reputation, clientele and a regular income. This is the reason that many freelancers continue to work their ‘day jobs’ until a more steady income is established. Be encouraged during this time, knowing you are not alone and it is not a reflection on your ability or value if it takes longer than you anticipated to transition to working exclusively at home.


Working from home is desirable to many, but it includes an entirely different set of demands. The freedom you enjoy is wonderful, but at the same time, you will have distractions to deal with that are not present in an office or other location, especially if you have children. It’s very important to establish ‘work rules’ while at home. Do you work set hours? Are you available to others during those hours? Can you stay away from the TV, internet and telephone while working? When boundaries are set and adhered to, either with yourself or other family members or both, your chances of success improve greatly.


There’s nothing wrong with asking for help from others, especially if you’re starting a home business. Just because you are physically at home, doesn’t mean you can do everything as before. Delegate responsibilities such as housework, cooking or running errands to others (if possible) to give yourself time to be ‘at work’ and build your business. Even if there is some resistance to this, remind family members that your success is not just your success, it is a success for everyone.

There can be great reward in working at home, especially if your desire is to spend more time with family. As with any path to success, however, it is traveled one step at a time and there are few shortcuts. Understand your goals, set your sights toward them and work hard every step of the way. This work at home adventure is not for the weak, but you can find the independence and success you are seeking and build the career and life of your dreams.