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Trials and Tribulations of WAH


There is a lot of work from home stories that talk about the trials and tribulations, as well as the successes, of working from home. They mention the difficulty of work from home having difficulty adapting our routine so we can work from home. More than anything else, it is the change in the routine itself that gives people the most difficulty. The best way to adapt to the change, as it relates to work from home, is to keep as many elements of your former routine in place. When change is thrust upon us, the familiarity of routine will help with the transition.

While it is amusing to think that we can work at home in our sleepwear and slippers, this is counterproductive. Our morning work routines help up prepare for the day at the office, and they still can as we work at home. To get our mindset right, before going to the home office, you should continue with the morning routine you established when you went to the office. Have a shower, go about your regular morning rituals, and then get dressed as you would for the office. Dress like you normally would. Just as the routine helped us get ourselves ready for the day at the office, so they can help get you ready for the day working from home. You wouldn’t show up at the office in your sleepwear and slippers, nor should you do this in the home office either. Most people find comfort in routine and ritual. Our morning work routine should be the same. You might surprise yourself how productive you are continuing your routines of old.

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