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Earn money shopping with Capital One Shopping. We know we often talk about signing up and adding extensions to your browsers. Here is one that we also use to determine the best bargain for our money. Capital One Shopping allows you to get the best price on many items, not just stores but discounts and percentages of money back just for using the Browser extension. As a matter of fact, we had forgotten that we had the browser extension until this morning. While paying our WordPress Bill, Capital One Shopping located a promo that allowed us to save $50.00 off of our bill. Plus, we will get a percentage back for using Capital One Shopping. We think that Capital One Shopping is another awesome way to earn back money just for shopping for things that you already use.

Our referral link to sign for Capital One Shopping is right here: https://wbuy.me/P8PZKSK. We are so tickled we just realized that we had money sitting in our account to redeem for gift cards for companies that you really use. Plus it is so easy to use that I actually forgot about the browser extension.

. You can receive rewards two ways. Receive Rewards two ways:

Click the “ok” button when prompted to activate Rewards while shopping on partnered stores. The button will change from “ok” to “activating” to “activated”. Once you see the “activated” text, you’re ready to receive Rewards. Capital One Shopping must be activated before your purchase is made to earn Rewards. 

Follow the save button in the Capital One Shopping Other Offers section on a Capital One Shopping product page. 

Note: offers are eligible for earning Rewards when noted in the ‘details’ column. 

Capital One Shopping Rewards can also be earned through local purchases by linking a credit card to Capital One Shopping. Click here to learn more.

Once an eligible purchase is made with Capital One Shopping Rewards activated, it may take up to 30 days for the Rewards to apply to your account. This issuance time varies by retailer and, for some retailers, can be up to 60 days or longer. Travel related Rewards can take up to 90 days after travel is completed. To read more on exclusions, click here

Already have Rewards to redeem? Click here to learn how!

Some of links in this post are referral links for Capital One Shopping, we may receive compensation for your clicking on the links.

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