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Since 1983

Quicken financial software was originally written for MS-DOS and the Apple II back in 1983 and first released in 1984. More than likely I started using the Quicken software at home around 1993 or so. I even used it to help with reports at my full time job. Quicken is the easiest financial software out on the market. I personally use the Home and Business version. Quicken is the best financial software on the market.

Wikipedia says:

The Quicken name typically refers to the core product offering of personal financial management software. The software includes financial planning activities that, historically, people may have done on paper – recording banking transactions, planning a budget and measuring progress against it, tracking investments and their prices and performance. Quicken has offered various editions, with varying prices – such as Basic which includes only those typical activities for someone with simple banking accounts, to Small Business for someone (like me) who also runs a business out of their home.

Beginning in 2018

Beginning with Quicken 2018, Quicken became a subscription service. Annual memberships can be purchased directly from and two-year subscriptions can be purchased through several retailers. After years of using Quicken We are proud to say that Quicken has become a sponsor of Work at Home Mania.

What the Quicken software looks like

Quicken best financial software on the market

After trying several other financial software companies, I always go back to Quicken. Quite simply it is the best and easiest software out on the market today. Even if Quicken wasn’t a sponsor of Work at Home Mania, we would still recommend there product because frankly the software and support is awesome!

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