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I have been working online since 1980, at home since 1992. I live in the beautiful rural countryside of Southern Indiana. I have 2 children and 1 grandson (who is spoiled rotten). Life is good.

Personalized Children’s Books

Personalized children’s Books brings out a natural desire for reading. Our personalized books help children step into a world of magical adventure.
The sweetest sound is the sound of your own name. For this reason, personalized books excite children because they become the star of the story.

Make Your Child the Star of His/Her Own Personalized Create a Book

Create A Book and Custom Story Books

Make Your Child the Star of His/Her Own Personalized Create a Book

We also have Books for Baby, birthday, anniversary, Weddings, retirementsgraduationsports and more! All personalized Books just for you.

Make Your Child the Star of His/Her Own Personalized Create a Book

From the moment your child realizes these personalized children’s books are about them, the magical adventure begins. Create-A-Book® personalized books are unique, hard bound, glossy cover books that feature your child as the main character.
Each of our fine personalized children’s books focuses on entertainment and education which is sure to instill the desire to read in your children. When children hear their name, along with the names of their family, hometown, and friends, they’ll want you to read the story again and again. 

You can encourage your child to read while at the same time educating him or her about important issues that have a positive impact on individual character development. Parents want to teach their children the importance of positive lifestyle choices, putting others first, or being a good sport. Create-A-Book® books were written with positive messages for every child.

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Rebate Key

Rebate Key is a website where you can find different products from Amazon, Walmart, or at clearance prices and often FREE after rebate. It’s a place where sellers can get rid of their inventory and offer a rebate for you to get it back at very, very low prices.

Is there a limit of rebates?

Yes, there is a daily and monthly limit to claim rebates, 5 items per day, and 50 items per month. Once the limit has been reached, it will be refreshed on the 1st of the following month.

Trials and Tribulations of WAH

There is a lot of work from home stories that talk about the trials and tribulations, as well as the successes, of working from home. They mention the difficulty of work from home having difficulty adapting our routine so we can work from home. More than anything else, it is the change in the routine itself that gives people the most difficulty. The best way to adapt to the change, as it relates to work from home, is to keep as many elements of your former routine in place. When change is thrust upon us, the familiarity of routine will help with the transition.

While it is amusing to think that we can work at home in our sleepwear and slippers, this is counterproductive. Our morning work routines help up prepare for the day at the office, and they still can as we work at home. To get our mindset right, before going to the home office, you should continue with the morning routine you established when you went to the office. Have a shower, go about your regular morning rituals, and then get dressed as you would for the office. Dress like you normally would. Just as the routine helped us get ourselves ready for the day at the office, so they can help get you ready for the day working from home. You wouldn’t show up at the office in your sleepwear and slippers, nor should you do this in the home office either. Most people find comfort in routine and ritual. Our morning work routine should be the same. You might surprise yourself how productive you are continuing your routines of old.