Tamera Mowry-Housley Gets Real on Working Mom Guilt: ‘There Are Days I Question My Abilities’

She gave us the best reminder we're not alone.

Actress mom Tamera Mowry-Housley opened up about her feelings of guilt—and gave us the best reminder we’re not alone.

Jennifer Garner Will Always ‘Look Like a Woman Who’s Had 3 Babies.’ And We’re Here for It

Jennifer Garner

Some of us will never "snap back." And we don't care.

In a recent interview, Jennifer Garner opened up about her post-baby bod.

Tia Mowry Nails Breast vs. Formula Debate: ‘Whatever You Can Feed Your Child, That’s What’s Important’

We need every new mom to take note.

The Sister, Sister star got real about breastfeeding struggles, meditation, and mom-shaming in the COVID era.

Twitter is Tired of Wealthy, Celeb Parents Sharing Work-Life Balance Advice

Mom Baby COVID

“That is not the situation for the average working parent.”

One activist has had enough of celebrities giving input where it isn’t needed.

Jordin Sparks on Mom-Shaming: ‘I’m Not Worried About What Anyone Thinks of My Family’

Jordin Sparks Waterpark

The multi-platinum singer got real about how she thinks moms should handle parenting in the pandemic.

The multi-platinum singer got real about parenting in the pandemic and how she’s been able to stay sane over the last eight months.
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