Author J.D. Vance Thinks Daycare Is ‘Terrible for Children.’ Twitter Set Him Straight

Sigh. Here we go again.

The Hillbilly Elegy author had a really bad take about daycare that was roasted by pretty much everyone.

Employer Pays Dad in Greasy Pennies For Wanting to Leave at 5 to Pick Up His Kid


The dad and former auto shop manager found 500 pounds of pennies in his driveway.

A manager quit because he couldn’t leave at 5 p.m. to pick up his kid, so his former employer paid his last check in pennies.

Daycare Refused to Put Sunscreen on Black Children and Made Them Sit in the Sun

black children sunscreen

An outraged mom gave the daycare a bad review on Yelp, then took her story to Reddit.

Reddit users encouraged the mom to report the daycare to state authorities.

Trevor Noah Hilariously Nails Why Working Moms Need Subsidized Child Care


The pandemic proves we can’t go it alone anymore.

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah investigates the roots of the child care crisis in America.
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