If Your Company Doesn’t Offer Fertility Benefits, It’s Behind the Times

Only 30 percent of companies offer some type of fertility coverage. Here’s why that’s quickly changing.

Infertility struggles can be isolating and financially daunting—but not if employers step up.

Companies Should Offer Doula Care for Their Employees. Here’s Why

doula care woman in palm illustration

It’s good for moms and babies, yes, but also for the bottom line.

It’s good for moms and babies, yes, but also for the bottom line.

I Kept My IVF a Secret at Work Because of the Stigma Around Fertility Treatments

woman struggling with infertility at work

Here’s what I wish more companies would do to support employees struggling with infertility.

A culture of openness, understanding and support needs to be nurtured so employees don’t feel isolated during their IVF journeys.

Just Find Your Phone in the Refrigerator? You Might Have Pandemic Brain

pandemic brain fog

The stress of COVID combined with social unrest is hijacking our brains. Here’s why and what working moms can do to combat it.

Pandemic brain is real. Here’s what you can do to battle it.

The Best Stress-Relieving Candles to Light Up When You’re Burned Out

Brooklyn Candle Studio Sunday Morning Minimalist Candle

Give yourself some TLC with easy aromatherapy.

These are our favorite candles to help soothe stress and anxiety.
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