Freedom Breakthrough Review. The Pros And Cons

This Freedom Breakthrough review is going to cut through all the hype and let you know if the program is legitimate or a scam.

And to start, here’s what you need to know: It’s good in many areas and is not a scam. But there are certain things about it for which I’ll recommend another option. But let me start by giving you the following:

Quick report on Freedom Breakthrough:

Name: Freedom Breakthrough.freedom breakthrough review

Creator: John Montoya.

Price: $997 one time or that’s too much, then there’s a 2 payments of $597 available.

Does Freedom Breakthrough work? Yes if you apply the actual training. It is based on truly legitimate stuff.

Final Rating: 6 out of 10 stars (legit)

The program is very solid and I say this because the material and what is covered in it’s 11 modules of training is based off the same things I do (affiliate marketing, SEO, paid ads, Facebook stuff, email marketing and more).

If you’re a beginner, you will get a lot of value out of this and even if you’re advanced, there’s still a lot to be appreciated and learned from in this program. John Montoya and his Freedom Breakthrough is legit.


freedom breakthrough alternative

Here’s a full review of Freedom Breakthrough:

This is an 11 module course on what is basically affiliate marketing. Having had my own success in this field (see my $1 million affiliate marketing income post), I can attest to that.

But there are layers to affiliate marketing and different ways of doing it, each beneficial for a certain type of person, meaning certain methods and strategies are better to be used by beginners and others by advanced people who have money to spend.

The good news is that in John Montoya’s course, all of these options are provided in a layer upon layer format meaning that when you start, you begin with the more beginner friendly strategies to build your income through and upon that, get into the later modules which cover the more advanced (paid) models.

Specifically, here is a breakdown of the modules (training) in Freedom Breakthrough:

Note: I did not buy this program mainly due to the high expense, but also because I literally do 90% of it already (I know the material).

And this is a my paraphrased interpretation of it:

Module 1: Niches.

Niches are topics of interest you have in life that can be anything and the first place to start is here. Many niches can be turned into profitable businesses and Johnathon will show you the different options and how to choose one to start with (one is actually enough to build off).

In fact, I have my own list of 50 affiliate marketing niches here you are welcome to check out to get a nice idea of what’s possible to make online businesses with (and some of them are surprising).

Module 2: Creating a website (known as an asset).

Websites are absolutely necessary for any beginner-advanced affiliate marketer. Your website is your HQ for traffic, affiliate marketing and building your brand/reputation and in this module, John will show you how to set this up.

Module 3: Getting traffic from SEO, Google and more.

This is where the layer upon layer analogy applies really well. I’m a huge fan of building a website and getting free traffic to it first before advancing to paid methods of traffic generation and this is one of the great things in Freedom Breakthrough.

Here you’ll learn about that very thing which is getting organic traffic to your site. Monetizing off that traffic is the investment you can use to further apply the next module’s trainings.

Module 4: Creating funnels.

Funnels are basically the process of when people find your site, to reading your pages to possibly taking action like buying affiliate products from you. From what I have heard, you may have to invest in Clickfunnels to use some of the methods here (this may cost extra), but overall, your site from Module 3, if it can produce good traffic results, can earn without the need to have this type of program.

Module 5: Making email lists and profiting in other methods.

Email marketing should be set aside until you get a good, organic traffic generating site up, which is why this module is in my opinion correctly applied after you get that done (module 3).

In any case, what you learn here is collecting email lists off your site and promoting to people directly through email. This diversifies your options to promote and helps your website fuel your list growth, which in turn fuels more of your potential success in affiliate marketing.

To do email marketing will require you buy and use programs like Aweber, but most of them are pretty inexpensive.

Module 6: Facebook groups and traffic.

This module gets into getting traffic (free) from Facebook by creating business and personal pages there that are tied to your website.

Module 7: YouTube affiliate marketing and growing your brand there.

I’m a big proponent of diversifying your business once it gets going and in my opinion, after your website is doing well, one of the best ways to scale the business is to enter into YouTube, and make videos there, grow a following, promote affiliate stuff there and expand your business.

Well this very module goes over that stuff and you will learn a lot from it.

Module 8: TiK ToK.

For many affiliate businesses, this platform has become huge for leads/traffic and more, and for me personally, I am not a fan of this network, but never the less, Johnathon will be teaching you the process of scaling your business through Tik Tok in this module.

Module 9: PPC (Paid ads).

This is one of the most advanced ways of succeeding online, which has either fast potential for growth and/or fast potential for loss (losing a lot of money that is), but you will learn mainly about Google Ads and YouTube ads here from Johnathan.

Note: I’m telling everyone right now, do not skip the modules and head over to this until you earn money from your affiliate site with free traffic.

Module 10: More Tik Tok (but with ads).

Because TiK ToK has and is still alien to me, I will pause on making any comments here about it, but I’m confident in Johnathan’s ability to teach how to do this properly.

Module 11: Facebook Ads.

Facebook ads has a lot of potential and in the ad world in my experience and in this final module, Johnathan will be showing you exactly how to monetize it. From driving leads/traffic to your affiliate offers, to building up an email list through it, there is a lot to note about the potential of this platform (and risks to take into consideration too).

Again, don’t do the paid ads training until you correctly work your way up the modules (and get results with them first). Also here is a good inside look at Freedom Breakthrough, which is one of the sources I got my info on for this Freedom Breakthrough review.

Final Rating: Freedom Breakthrough

Green flag (legit)

6 out of 10 stars. The main pros to note about this program is that it’s well organized, legitimate and follows along the right layer upon layer format to build your affiliate business correctly. Much of the training as based on my research shows this program teaches you the right way to do this stuff.

Overall, yes it is beginner friendly, applicable and does work. However, there are certain cons to Freedom Breakthrough worth noting too:

My final thoughts:

While its a very good program in most places and works, there are 2 cons I find:

First, the program isn’t cheap on the front end and if you get into the strategies on the back end and buy things like Clickfunnels and an autoresponder, it will add up. These things in my opinion are pretty optional and should only be purchased if you really need them (they aren’t necessary).

Second, all this training you get in the 11 modules, you can actually get in a program like Wealthy Affiliate for a ton less. And in most high ticket programs I review, the few good ones that are out there (which Freedom Breakthrough is in), the cost effectiveness of a program like Wealthy Affiliate and learning the same material there vs in a high cost, high ticket program is very important to understand.

While you are certainly free to choose how much money you wish to spend, I am a big fan of lower cost, but super high quality programs being the way to go, especially if they teach the same stuff anyway.

This is why my alternative recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate instead of Freedom Breakthrough, but if you can afford this program, you can certainly buy it with confidence too.


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Prosper to Wealth Review. Does it Truly Work?

You may have seen some sort of advertisement online for a way to make money online pretty easily and that took you to the Prosper to Wealth page. In this review, I’m going to uncover what you should know before trying this opportunity out (and I am 100% not recommending it).

Quick report on Prosper to Wealth:

Name: Prosper to Wealth.prosper to wealth review

Creator: Brenden or Coach Brenden.

Price: To join whatever program Prosper to Wealth is promoting to you can cost up to $15,000+.

Final Rating: 0 out of 10 stars

Recommended? No.

There are a lot of claims Prosper to Wealth’s Brenden make that need to be clarified because when you examine the full context and risks, you may conclude like I did that this program is a massive risk to get into.


prosper to wealth alternative

Prosper to Wealth explained (full review):

First, let’s talk about what’s in it for Brenden:

There’s a bit of unpacking necessary to fully understand all that is “behind” Prosper to Wealth because in reality, Brenden and this “program” are just trying to get you to enter a “network marketing” program and it’s a very expensive one (very high ticket program).

When you join this program, whatever you invested, Brenden will likely make about half of that and will receive a paycheck from the network marketing company (or whatever type of company it is).

Now, let’s talk about what’s in it for you (how you can make money with this program):

First of all, in my opinion, your odds of success with this program are very low if you’re unfamiliar with how to market this opportunity online and I’ll explain why that is the case further on.

But theoretically (best case scenario that is), you make money with this network marketing company by promoting it exactly how Brenden does.

  • You’ll make your own promotion of how you’re making money with this “amazing system”.
  • You’ll link people to the same sales page you joined from.
  • You’ll hope that as many people who see that page pay the same money (or more) that you did to sign up.
  • They will send their money in (again best case scenario) and you’ll make about 50% from each sale.

In other words, consider the video you watch with Brenden’s testimonial, then consider how you’ll basically be making a video of yourself saying the same kinds of things.

Why is it so difficult to make money with this program? 4 reasons:

The whole goal is to get this promotion out to as many people as possible. If you have no clue how to get traffic to this opportunity, then you’re already behind the few people who are making money with this program.

The second reason why it’s tough is because you will be given an option to buy traffic from this company so they do the marketing for you and get eyes on that page. However, you will have to pay for that and likely a lot of money too and you won’t know how legitimate that service is.

Third, you have to rely on the trust that this opportunity is legitimately going to send you money if you make the sale. Being that I did see this network marketing company being promoted by different people, I assume it does legitimately send you money.

Forth, believe it or not, this network marketing company is not even official. What do I mean? Well, this is where it gets “good”:

is prosper to wealth a scam

So if you feel comfortable getting into this opportunity knowing those 4 things, then we’re just going to have to disagree on what we consider as legitimate opportunities, because for me, I’d run away from this opportunity very quickly because of these problems I see.

Let’s go back to Prosper to Wealth’s claims now that we have more context:

This is coming from watching Brenden talk about this opportunity.

First, notice he never mentions what it’s actually called (does that not worry you?).

Second, Brenden talks about struggling before he found this network marketing company and they do it all for you. This is technically true because you “just send” people to the page where they call up the number and the sales people do that part instead of you. The truly difficult part is getting (or buying) visitors to see that page.

Third, this network marketing opportunity is being sold as a solution to people struggling to succeed at making money. Again, with the exception of truly rare cases, there is a possibility that you can make money with it, but what is assuredly guaranteed is that you’ll first have to pay a lot to try this (and most importantly, that you are never going to be guaranteed this works).

Final Rating: Prosper to Wealth

0 stars

Red Flag

0 out of 10 stars. There are so many more things I want to say about this opportunity but rather than rant, and you have to read that, let me just say that I do not recommend Prosper to Wealth.

My final thoughts:

Any sort of critical thinking in my opinion on this opportunity will have you realize how risky it is to get into it and I am warning anyone who is only seeing dollar signs when they look at this program and nothing else to step back, think about this without thinking about the money and consider what you’re engaging in.

If you want to know more, let me tell you that you can see my review of Fast Start Side Hustle and you’ll see the person there is promoting the same network marketing company.

There’s few people who will actually make good money from this, but overall, this method itself is in my opinion illegitimate, not just because of how money is made, but for how many more questions I have about this actual network marketing that quickly stack up as you examine it more.

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Fast Start Side Hustle Review. Is it Really a Huge Scam?

I’m going to try and make this review of Fast Start Side Hustle as polite as possible and this is because what I quickly discovered looking into it made me hairs stand. Is it is a scam?

Well you can decide that for yourself after I explain what it’s about and no, this is not some bait and switch clickbait. I really do not recommend this program at all.

Quick report on Fast Start Side Hustle:

Name: Fast Start Side fast start side hustle a scam

Creator: Adam Holland.

Price: $0 to get the free eBook but then over $3,000 to get started with the opportunity.

You can also choose from one of several price plans (4) other than the $3,000, one of which costs over $20,000 to start.

I will let you know the risks of those investments shortly.

Final rating: 0 out of 10 stars

Recommended? No.

Yes it is possible to make a lot of money quickly, but the main problems are:

  1. That it’s extremely expensive to start.
  2. Likely a very low chance of success and no guarantees.
  3. Through Fast Start Hustle, you are joining a high ticket program and that program has the least transparent information I’ve ever seen in my life (no creator, no official name, no address, and no basic obvious info a company should have if it’s really legitimate).

And honestly, I am trying to figure out how in the world this opportunity is not a pyramid scheme because when you analyze it objectively, it looks a lot like one. I’d be happy if I was wrong about this, but I don’t think I am.


fast start side hustle alternative wa image

Fast Start Side Hustle explained (full review):

Fast Start Hustle and Adam, it’s creator are promoting a very expensive high ticket program to you (that’s what you’re really buying). Every sale Adam makes from me, you and anyone else who joins, he gets 50% of it.

But what do you get? Well you get to promote it too, and 50% off everyone who joins through you as well.

So if you buy into this program for $3,000 and get 10 people to join, you’d make $1,500 off each person, or in this case, over $10,000.

There’s only a couple of problems though:

1) The minimal cost to begin with this program is over $3,000.

2) To make money, you’ll need to find leads, and send them there. If you can’t do it yourself, you will have the option (from my research) to spend extra money on this program to do it for you. And that sounds nice and automated, but there’s many ways this is a bad idea if you understand marketing and the risks of buying leads in the first place.

3) For such a major opportunity to make so much money quickly, you can’t find a single clue online or through Fast Start Side Hustle about what this program actually is.

If you want to blindly spend money on an opportunity that isn’t exactly being upfront with you, then you are braver than I am, but I wouldn’t even spend $10 on such an opportunity.

4) Your odds of success in online business are usually very low (1%) and that’s considering you get involved with legitimate opportunities. But when you’re getting involved with something like this, with so many unanswered questions, those odds in my opinion get even lower.

How I found out about Fast Start Side Hustle:

1) I actively scout websites and blogs that review make money online opportunities.

One of them happens to be ScamXposer which I have mixed feelings on. But that site is how I found out about Fast Start Side Hustle.

Anyway, upon looking at the review from ScamXposer (which also isn’t good), I clicked through to the Fast Start Side Hustle website itself to make my own decision.

This took me to a page where Adam promotes an eBook and to get it, you need to enter your email, name and phone number for a special bonus. Since this is common, I opted in.

This then took me to another video by Adam pitching the opportunity and a button that said there’s 20k in value for it and this is where my guard went up.

2) I’ve seen this before, so I was preparing myself for what would come next (and I was sadly right):

What this took me to was a long landing page pitching the same opportunity I’ve seen many times already, but being promoted by other people like Adam, who made their own free eBooks like Fast Start Hustle.

All of these people are affiliates for what I consider to be one of the most mysterious and risky companies I’ve ever laid eyes on. If you don’t believe me, here’s a link to other similar promotions like Fast Start Side Hustle which are doing the same thing:

3) Getting involved with such an opportunity comes with massive risks.

Put all the grandeur of making money quickly aside folks and be objective here folks. On the front end, you are seeing the opportunity yes, but on the back end, you are actually seeing:

Large sums of investment, no information on the program (it’s not Fast Start Side Hustle you’re joining, remember that), and then re promoting it, giving suspicions to pyramid scheme talks is one of the many major risks I see with this system.

fast start side hustle prices to join screenshot

Final Rating: Fast Start Side Hustle

0 stars

Red Flag

0 out of 10 stars. I don’t even think Adam is a bad dude, but that doesn’t change that this opportunity he’s promoting, like swiss cheese has some serious questions about it, whether it’s a scam, a pyramid scheme, both or not.

My final thoughts on Fast Start Side Hustle:

fast start side hustle another good alternative

There’s only 2 theoretical positives about this:

1) The first is you may be able to make money if you can actually get leads to sign up once you pay the money to join the program.

2) I do believe when you buy this program, you do get stuff and it’s not like they’ll take your money and run. The simple reason for this is that there’s multiple people promoting this program so I do believe it’s real.

But when you weigh these 2 things together against the cons, unfortunately the easily overtake the 2 pros and if you’re comfortable spending a lot of money on something like this, then what can I say, it’s your right.

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Bossless Forever Review. A Scam or Really a Way Out?

Bossless Forever is a system that’ll show you how to work from home and for yourself doing what is referred to as local marketing. But is it legit? Is it a scam? This review will let you know.

bossless forever review screenshot

Here’s 5 quick things I need to say about this Bossless Forever review:

1) It’s legit and I will be giving you a breakdown of what you learn.

2) I’m not affiliated with it (even though I was offered to), but I will provide a NONE affiliate link to the program if you wish to try it.

3) The reason I didn’t choose to promote it is because there is an alternative program that will literally teach you THE SAME STUFF Bossless Forever does. 

4) And I have used that alternative program’s training to get results, and I will be showing you others who have too.

This alternative program is literally $1,000’s LESS than Bossless Forever is (It’s only $19 to see the whole thing) and I will be showing you the proof of success and how all of it works in this review when I explain Bossless Forever in more detail and what it teaches.

5) I chose not to buy nor promote Bossless Forever, but like I said before, it is a legit program.

I just think that when you read my review and also see the alternative that once again teaches the same stuff, you may want to consider the latter and you’ll see why it’s recommended, besides the savings.

Bossless Forever, the quick review and info on the program:

Creator: Amiee Ball.bossless forever website screenshot

Price: Varies, you go through the webinar, then are scheduled a sales call that’ll give you the price, and it’s likely going to be in the…

  • $1,000’s and possibly more.
  • Some estimates people have gotten have exceeded $3,000.
  • I have had people who went through the webinar and found my site comment on it and tell me there’s even some price tags that exceed $3,000. You’re welcome to see those comments below and see how much they were quoted from this system.

Overview: This is a training program that shows you how to become an online marketer and help local small businesses grow their business through the online world by basically getting their business to be seen online so they can get more customers/leads and for doing this for them, you can get paid a lot by the business owner.

In other words, you learn to find businesses that know nothing about online marketing, consult them, do some work for them to help their business get online and more clients, and get paid for that work.

And once again, this is legit and I have done it personally. But as for a rating for Bossless Forever, this is what I’d give it:

Rating of program: 5 out of 10 stars.

Before I continue this review, let me give you some quick mention of the alternative I suggest over Bossless Forever:

alternative to bossless forever program 1


But let’s continue with Bossless Forever, because it is good and I want to explain how it works in greater detail so you understand the subject, the program and the alternatives better:

Here’s the breakdown of how Bossless Forever works:

If you wish to join Bossless Forever, there is a main page here which will take you through a webinar explaining how that program works and there’s a 5 step blueprint within that webinar which encapsulates that training.

Here it is:

Let me personally explain these 5 steps the way I understand them because in many ways, how I used to do and still would do local marketing is very similar to this (Wealthy Affiliate’s local marketing training taught me this), and this is why I say the Bossless Forever program is legit (just very expensive).

But allow me to get into greater details and examples of how each step works in this system, and explain my personal experiences with it:

Step 1: You start your business in this program by looking up niche markets.

In this case, it’s any local businesses seeking online marketing services to help them expand. I can tell you that it is true that MOST business owners have NO clue how to run an online marketing campaign and seek to hire people for them.

That’s how I got my first local marketing gig, a happy client and then recommendations about me to their other business friends, which led to other business owners wanting my help. But I will say, that I also found that there will be MANY other marketers who will scramble to get the same clients you do.

Competition in local marketing is fierce.

Step 2: Then the program goes into how to filter these businesses out.

The goal is to see which ones have the most potential for growth as well as which business would be willing to pay you the most.

Step 3: Followed by that is contacting the business owner/s, so they can become your client/s.

And you can charge for consultation fees, giving them a breakdown of how you can help their business expand online, what types of services you offer and it can be high ticket and/or services where the owner pays you monthly.

This part of the system is what Amiee refers to as lead generation, aka generating business clients and getting them to pay you.

In my case, when I had my first gig, I talked to a business owner about how his website wasn’t appearing on Google or for certain important keywords which if his site did appear on, he’d get more calls and clients.

That basically sold him on hiring me to work for him, and in my case, that consultation I gave him was free. But that one little talk led to many opportunities in the coming years, with him and the people he’d recommend me to.

But as a quick note, in spite of these opportunities, I chose to focus on my own website and business, despite having these clients on the side that I could work him at any point. I just prefer the “peace” of working on my own site. But anyway…

Step 4: Next you go through a series of steps to turn those business leads into actual clients that pay.

This part isn’t difficult to understand, you basically negotiate with the lead to make sure you have a deal on what service is provided and what the business client will pay. Here are examples:

  • If they have a website, help them improve it. Charge for it.
  • If they aren’t popping up on Google or search engines, help them get that accomplished and charge for it.
  • If they aren’t doing well on social media, help them out and charge for it too.
  • If they are doing paid advertising (Facebook ads, Google ads, ect…) and paying too much and not getting leads, help them by letting YOU run their ads for them. This will save them money while you get paid monthly.

And again, these are all examples of REAL life services I’ve done for my client/s and what I was taught by Wealthy Affiliate’s local marketing training. These kinds of services can get you paid $1,000’s a month, per client by the way.

Step 5: And finally, you then deliver the services for the business lead and make the money.

Now besides that 5 step system in Bossless Forever, you also have to know how to find the clients and potential prospects and this is where Aimee shows you marketing methods. 

Then when it comes to helping the business market, Amiee’s program will also show you ways you can provide services such as setting up ads on Facebook for the business to get more people seeing that business, and basically the examples I gave in step 4, which were of my own personal experience.

That’s the basic, yet in-depth formula and it’s absolutely legit. I personally know people who practice this and do it full time (and I’ll show you them shortly, but they are people who got their results with the Wealthy Affiliate training.

My rating for Aimee’s program, Bossless Forever:

5 out of 10 stars (50%).

Green Flag.

5 out of 10 starsEverything I heard from Aimee’s program, mixed with what I know about local marketing, points to it being legit.

My final thoughts: The 2 reasons I cannot recommend Bossless Forever:

And I say it again:

1) The very high price to enter it.

2) And the Wealthy Affiliate alternative providing that same kind of training for only $19 (the first month, then it’s $49/month after, so it’s still massive savings) are why I’m not giving my recommendation to it. If you still think Bossless Forever is what you want to invest with, here is the link to it.

Also, there are other systems that have come out besides Bossless Forever which coincidentally teach the same stuff, and ALL for high ticket prices. In case, you’re wondering, here is a list of these other programs:

There’s Dan Henry’s program, Sam Ovens, followed by Modern Millionaires and finally Billy Gene is Marketing, and I think they are all just as good as Bossless Forever (the same kind of training material and local marketing business model is taught).

But funny enough, here’s the issue I found with all of these local marketing programs:

The MAIN cons I see with those programs are the same ones I see with Bossless Forever: Price and Wealthy Affiliate being better for the same reasons. So let me actually explain THAT particular thing right now:

The 5 reasons why Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice for local marketing training:

It’s actually pretty simple:

1) Firstly, you can try the local marketing training in Wealthy Affiliate for free vs paying $1,000’s with Bossless Forever upfront.

We’re literally comparing $1,000’s of dollars worth of investment in ANY of the above programs I listed to Wealthy Affiliate’s which you can currently try for free and I would take advantage of it while the option is available. Normally, it would be $49 every month.

Here is the breakdown of the local marketing blueprint you get in Wealthy Affiliate:

wealthy affiliate local marketing training


The membership inside this system is $19 for the first month, and $49/month after and this is because Wealthy Affiliate carries many additional benefits in addition to local marketing training.

They offer free websites, tools, a lot of support and improved, updated training to make sure it’s members get valuable information and strategies to make successful online businesses.

2) The value inside Wealthy Affiliate’s local marketing training is equal to or better than Bossless Forever.

High quality training is something I’ve come to expect from the Wealthy Affiliate program and my own results with it, including the local marketing success I’ve had, have come from this program. 

I have also learned from my explorations of other online programs, many of which are high ticket like Bossless Forever, that price is not an indicator of value and that in every single case, what Wealthy Affiliate offers is just as good and in most cases, better.

3) The local marketing success stories. I didn’t forget, here they are:

wealthy affiliate local marketing training vs bossless forever

4) More ways to make money on top of local marketing training.

Whether it’s a local marketing business or personal online business website you seek to make, Wealthy Affiliate provides training in both fields. 

5) The local marketing training is created by someone as successful as Aimee Ball.

If you need to know the credentials of the local marketing training provided within Wealthy Affiliate and that they work, here you go:

The local marketing training you get was designed by Jay Niell, a man who possess a ton of online marketing experience and has a very successful local marketing agency:

jay webinar training vs bossless forever option

Jay got his skills from Wealthy Affiliate originally and then created his local marketing business out of it, and then as a way of giving back, created the blueprint here which goes over the same exact things he does in his local marketing business to get results.

This course is designed specifically to take you from being a complete beginner to local marketing, to getting that first client and then getting more.

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Digital Veteran Blueprint Review. 5 Things You Need to Know

Digital Veteran Blueprint is a very new program I stumbled upon while looking at “what’s new” in the make money online world and I found this one on a site I frequently visit that reviews scams. For those who don’t know, I do these reviews to help people find REAL opportunities and avoid bad ones since I am someone who makes money online full time (I’ll explain more below). Based on what I have seen so far with Digital Veteran Blueprint, I cannot say it’s a scam, but I can tell you that it is connected to a very expensive program (OPM Wealth) and that program’s operations make me very cautious in recommending it and in this review I’ll explain what I found out.

Quick Report on Digital Veteran Blueprint:

Creator: Joshua Snyder and Mark veteran blueprint review Price: $0 but can lead to price tags anywhere from $2,000 to over $15,000 (based on one of the sites I saw which reviewed this program). How does it work? This program refers you to a program called OPM Wealth and that program has you go through some free content before having you schedule a call with a supposed success story of OPM Wealth and that is where I suspect the selling starts. From what I have seen, this is a program that teaches you things like direct selling, high ticket selling and probably training on promoting the OPM Wealth program itself, which would explain why the creators of Digital Veteran Blueprint are doing it. They are basically OPM Wealth’s affiliates. There’s nothing wrong with that and I am also an affiliate marketer, but I promote things differently. What I do have a problem with is the prices of this program, and that is why the rating is low.

Overall rating: 1 out of 10 stars

Recommended? No. I decided to go deep enough into the program to avoid paying the high prices, because by that point (from previous experience), I pretty much knew what was next. To make money online and find a legitimate business model, does not require you pay so much and considering how little I got out of the free content from OPM Wealth as well as Digital Veteran Blueprint, I didn’t trust it enough to go further: digital veteran blueprint alternative

5 issues I have with Digital Veteran Blueprint:

These 5 reasons ultimately pushed me away from recommending OPM Wealth (which is what this program leads you into). Here they are:

1) I never really got the blueprint:

First: I visited the home site of Digital Veteran Blueprint and was asked to enter an email (this is normal for these programs). I did. Second: This took me to a sales page from one of the owners and testimonials about how much money it’s supposed members are making. I have some suspicions about actors being in these videos, but I can’t say that for certain. One of the people showing off their check did say Mark Wilson, so I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt Third: I never got an email from Joshua (one of the owners). What happened was that after the sales video, I was taken into a registration to sign up with OPM Wealth to get a free account. So I did, but I also checked my inbox, and never got anything from Joshua (I tried twice). So the only thing I got from Digital Veteran Blueprint is a very hyped sales page and an entrance into OPM Wealth. Let’s move on:

2) The OPM Wealth site itself.

opm wealth members area After signing up to enter the site, I was asked a few questions and entered in info. This took me to a membership page of OPM Wealth with a welcome video, a starter video and a link to talk to a motivational speaker. In my personal experience, this kind of content means one thing: High ticket sales calls, which in OPM Wealth’s case, they call success stories and being connected to their top tier members. Maybe it’s possible, but in my opinion, the more likely thing is you may be asked to pay a lot to really get into this program.

3) The cheesy sales page of OPM Wealth: 

OPM wealth phase 1 video screenshot Before having to fill out a form to talk to my “motivational coach” and success story, I sat through a video talking about doomsday topics, such as the dollar collapse, economic turmoil and ways to hedge against it, which is where OPM Wealth comes into the picture. I honestly dislike when people use fear, doubt and negativity in their sales videos to get me to join a program. I don’t argue the points made in the video, but I do not like when negativity is used to sell stuff. It basically makes people act out of fear. When I make money online and I sell things as an affiliate, I do it through telling people of the potential of making an online business in topics they love, and in reality it is exactly like that.

4) The price.

So the info I have about prices come from the website. Based on what they say, the prices of OPM Wealth can range from $2,000 to over $20,000 which is insane. IF this is true, then ladies and gentlemen, we are looking at your typical high ticket program that starts you off at a low price, hypes you up, then does the typical, buy more and more to get more and more and to make money with the program likely involves you selling it. And again, taking it back to Digital Veteran Blueprint, I’m 99% certain they are affiliates for OPM Wealth, so if I buy into the program, they’ll make a cut. It explains the big checks I saw in the sales video of Digital Veteran Blueprint (considering they are real).

5) I didn’t get squat for value, so they didn’t earn my trust.

Folks, whenever an opportunity or make money online program gives you hype and no real value, watch out. In this case, what I got was hype, testimonials, a personal sign up to a program I had no clue about, a fear video about uncertain economic times to sell me something, and a potential sales call that may result in having to pay a lot. Nowhere did I actually get any training, any blueprint or any reason to trust this program, and this is why I won’t recommend it.

Final Rating: Digital Veteran Blueprint

1 out of 10 stars. All the clues I see in this program remind me of ALL the programs I’ve gone through in my experience in trying to make money online, paid for and experienced that have never really resulted in things I like. I know about making money online and I know it won’t cost so much to do it. Contrarily, it isn’t easy either, but I’d rather you do it the right, realistic way, than through a magic pill that is pitched through Digital Veteran Blueprint (done for you, revolutionary system and other nonsense claims), and have to pay a lot for doing it. Before you call me a guy who is bashing a program without trying it:
  • I actually dug into it.
  • I don’t call it a scam, but I do explain my legitimate doubts (and I do believe they are legitimate).
  • I’ve gone through this experience MANY times because I’ve been in the same type of business for 15 years.
  • I make money online FULL time, and this comes after having many bad experiences.
  • I know how sales funnels like the one in Digital Veteran Blueprint flow, and this is why I see where the sales funnel is leading.

My final thoughts:

Let me summarize the following: 1) I believe Digital Veteran Blueprint is promoting OPM Wealth. 2) I believe OPM Wealth MIGHT be legit, but it is expensive. 3) I do not trust either of these programs because neither have given me reason to. Contrarily, here is an example of the opposite: 1) I promote a program whose name is Wealthy Affiliate. 2) Like Digital Veteran Blueprint, it is free to try. 3) But unlike Digital Veteran Blueprint or OPM Wealth, you get a TON of value and learning experience on making money online which is through creating websites on niche passions you have. 4) Unlike Digital Veteran Blueprint, I cannot promise you a revolutionary, and easy system, but I can tell you that it works, because I and so many members and success stories of Wealthy Affiliate use it’s training to make money consistently. 5) And I can also personally help you (without extra cost) within Wealthy Affiliate which you can learn about here. I’ll look deeper into OPM Wealth, but this review was more tied into Digital Veteran Blueprint. If there are any updates, I will include them here, but being very experienced in this business, I wouldn’t bank on the review changing much. You can make money online with a system like Wealthy Affiliate (and rare others). It’s free to try and nothing like what OPM Wealth charges to show you and that is really the bottom line here. The post Digital Veteran Blueprint Review. 5 Things You Need to Know first appeared on How to Make Honest Money Online.
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