15 Hilarious Tweets About How ‘I Hope This Email Finds You Well’ Is Absurd Right Now

Woman at laptop biting pencil

Spoiler alert: It does not find us well.

In a time of social unrest and illness, this common email greeting seems a bit out of touch.

Hilarious Working Mom’s 36 Things She Thinks About at Age 36 Are So Damn Relatable

Emily Shields

This might be her funniest list yet.

Emily Shields shares her laugh-out-loud list of birthday musings for the third year in a row.

Mom’s Hilarious ‘I Don’t Want This’ School Photo Fail Will Make You Feel Better About Yours

School photo

She definitely didn’t want this.

This mom’s hysterical school photo snafu is going viral.

15 Tweets that Prove the Presidential Debate Really Needed a Working Mom

You know who’s good at reigning in chaos, at work and at home? We are.

We’re tough. Disciplined. Organized. Focused.
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