One Woman’s Fight to Make The Postal Service A Better Place for Working Moms

Charnae Easton

Charnae Easton was forced to breast-pump in front of a window. So she sued—and won. Here, she shares her story for the first time.

In an exclusive interview, the mom of three divulges the details of her legal battle with the USPS.

Idaho Lawmakers Reject Child Care Grant Because Working Moms Are ‘Hurting the Family Unit’

Working Mom Red Blue

One of them was a working mom herself.

Legislation that would give nearly $6 billion to the Idaho State Board of Education was rejected Tuesday by lawmakers because working motherhood is, apparently,…

President Biden Promises to Fire Any Staffer Who Treats Colleagues With ‘Disrespect’

Joe Biden

Managers, take note.

President Joe Biden made a proclamation of character in an announcement to his new staff.

‘A Five-Alarm Fire’: Experts Fear 2021 Might Be Even Worse for Working Moms

Black mom during pandemic

The pandemic continues to push women out of the workforce—and it could get worse before it gets better.

Can Congress and employers come together to provide relief to stretched-thin working families?

Why We Won’t Stand for Men Demeaning Dr. Jill Biden

We've all been in her shoes. And we're fed up.

A recent Wall Street Journal op-ed advised incoming FLOTUS Jill Biden to drop the “Dr.” from her title. Here’s what we have to say on the matter.
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