New Zealand Passes World’s First-Ever Paid Leave After Miscarriage for Parents

Couple Holding Hands

Women-run countries have it figured out.

A New Zealand bill is the first in the world to provide gender-neutral paid bereavement leave following a pregnancy loss.

Dad Praised for Taking Parental Leave Nails Why We Should ‘Please Praise Moms, Just As Much’

Stefanos Korakas

This dad realized his wife wasn't getting the same credit he was for taking care of their new baby girl.

This dad opened up in an inspiring LinkedIn article about the difference in treatment between he and his wife.

Half of Non-Parents Are Willing to Put in Extra Work to Cover for Parent Employees

Another pandemic silver lining.

A recent survey shows our childless colleagues are ready to help us out‚ but it means nothing if employers don’t extend paid leave.

This New Service Will Help Your Company Put a Paid Parental Leave Program in Place

Newborn Baby with Parents

It’s time parents get the time with their new additions they deserve.

A new service helps companies add affordable paid parental leave plans.
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