Freedom Breakthrough Review. The Pros And Cons

This Freedom Breakthrough review is going to cut through all the hype and let you know if the program is legitimate or a scam.

And to start, here’s what you need to know: It’s good in many areas and is not a scam. But there are certain things about it for which I’ll recommend another option. But let me start by giving you the following:

Quick report on Freedom Breakthrough:

Name: Freedom Breakthrough.freedom breakthrough review

Creator: John Montoya.

Price: $997 one time or that’s too much, then there’s a 2 payments of $597 available.

Does Freedom Breakthrough work? Yes if you apply the actual training. It is based on truly legitimate stuff.

Final Rating: 6 out of 10 stars (legit)

The program is very solid and I say this because the material and what is covered in it’s 11 modules of training is based off the same things I do (affiliate marketing, SEO, paid ads, Facebook stuff, email marketing and more).

If you’re a beginner, you will get a lot of value out of this and even if you’re advanced, there’s still a lot to be appreciated and learned from in this program. John Montoya and his Freedom Breakthrough is legit.


freedom breakthrough alternative

Here’s a full review of Freedom Breakthrough:

This is an 11 module course on what is basically affiliate marketing. Having had my own success in this field (see my $1 million affiliate marketing income post), I can attest to that.

But there are layers to affiliate marketing and different ways of doing it, each beneficial for a certain type of person, meaning certain methods and strategies are better to be used by beginners and others by advanced people who have money to spend.

The good news is that in John Montoya’s course, all of these options are provided in a layer upon layer format meaning that when you start, you begin with the more beginner friendly strategies to build your income through and upon that, get into the later modules which cover the more advanced (paid) models.

Specifically, here is a breakdown of the modules (training) in Freedom Breakthrough:

Note: I did not buy this program mainly due to the high expense, but also because I literally do 90% of it already (I know the material).

And this is a my paraphrased interpretation of it:

Module 1: Niches.

Niches are topics of interest you have in life that can be anything and the first place to start is here. Many niches can be turned into profitable businesses and Johnathon will show you the different options and how to choose one to start with (one is actually enough to build off).

In fact, I have my own list of 50 affiliate marketing niches here you are welcome to check out to get a nice idea of what’s possible to make online businesses with (and some of them are surprising).

Module 2: Creating a website (known as an asset).

Websites are absolutely necessary for any beginner-advanced affiliate marketer. Your website is your HQ for traffic, affiliate marketing and building your brand/reputation and in this module, John will show you how to set this up.

Module 3: Getting traffic from SEO, Google and more.

This is where the layer upon layer analogy applies really well. I’m a huge fan of building a website and getting free traffic to it first before advancing to paid methods of traffic generation and this is one of the great things in Freedom Breakthrough.

Here you’ll learn about that very thing which is getting organic traffic to your site. Monetizing off that traffic is the investment you can use to further apply the next module’s trainings.

Module 4: Creating funnels.

Funnels are basically the process of when people find your site, to reading your pages to possibly taking action like buying affiliate products from you. From what I have heard, you may have to invest in Clickfunnels to use some of the methods here (this may cost extra), but overall, your site from Module 3, if it can produce good traffic results, can earn without the need to have this type of program.

Module 5: Making email lists and profiting in other methods.

Email marketing should be set aside until you get a good, organic traffic generating site up, which is why this module is in my opinion correctly applied after you get that done (module 3).

In any case, what you learn here is collecting email lists off your site and promoting to people directly through email. This diversifies your options to promote and helps your website fuel your list growth, which in turn fuels more of your potential success in affiliate marketing.

To do email marketing will require you buy and use programs like Aweber, but most of them are pretty inexpensive.

Module 6: Facebook groups and traffic.

This module gets into getting traffic (free) from Facebook by creating business and personal pages there that are tied to your website.

Module 7: YouTube affiliate marketing and growing your brand there.

I’m a big proponent of diversifying your business once it gets going and in my opinion, after your website is doing well, one of the best ways to scale the business is to enter into YouTube, and make videos there, grow a following, promote affiliate stuff there and expand your business.

Well this very module goes over that stuff and you will learn a lot from it.

Module 8: TiK ToK.

For many affiliate businesses, this platform has become huge for leads/traffic and more, and for me personally, I am not a fan of this network, but never the less, Johnathon will be teaching you the process of scaling your business through Tik Tok in this module.

Module 9: PPC (Paid ads).

This is one of the most advanced ways of succeeding online, which has either fast potential for growth and/or fast potential for loss (losing a lot of money that is), but you will learn mainly about Google Ads and YouTube ads here from Johnathan.

Note: I’m telling everyone right now, do not skip the modules and head over to this until you earn money from your affiliate site with free traffic.

Module 10: More Tik Tok (but with ads).

Because TiK ToK has and is still alien to me, I will pause on making any comments here about it, but I’m confident in Johnathan’s ability to teach how to do this properly.

Module 11: Facebook Ads.

Facebook ads has a lot of potential and in the ad world in my experience and in this final module, Johnathan will be showing you exactly how to monetize it. From driving leads/traffic to your affiliate offers, to building up an email list through it, there is a lot to note about the potential of this platform (and risks to take into consideration too).

Again, don’t do the paid ads training until you correctly work your way up the modules (and get results with them first). Also here is a good inside look at Freedom Breakthrough, which is one of the sources I got my info on for this Freedom Breakthrough review.

Final Rating: Freedom Breakthrough

Green flag (legit)

6 out of 10 stars. The main pros to note about this program is that it’s well organized, legitimate and follows along the right layer upon layer format to build your affiliate business correctly. Much of the training as based on my research shows this program teaches you the right way to do this stuff.

Overall, yes it is beginner friendly, applicable and does work. However, there are certain cons to Freedom Breakthrough worth noting too:

My final thoughts:

While its a very good program in most places and works, there are 2 cons I find:

First, the program isn’t cheap on the front end and if you get into the strategies on the back end and buy things like Clickfunnels and an autoresponder, it will add up. These things in my opinion are pretty optional and should only be purchased if you really need them (they aren’t necessary).

Second, all this training you get in the 11 modules, you can actually get in a program like Wealthy Affiliate for a ton less. And in most high ticket programs I review, the few good ones that are out there (which Freedom Breakthrough is in), the cost effectiveness of a program like Wealthy Affiliate and learning the same material there vs in a high cost, high ticket program is very important to understand.

While you are certainly free to choose how much money you wish to spend, I am a big fan of lower cost, but super high quality programs being the way to go, especially if they teach the same stuff anyway.

This is why my alternative recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate instead of Freedom Breakthrough, but if you can afford this program, you can certainly buy it with confidence too.


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Affilorama vs Wealthy Affiliate. Which Program is Better?

Both Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate are programs I highly recommend on this website (and in general), but in my experience, as long you have 1 good affiliate program at hand to help you build a business, that’s really all you need to succeed.

So if push comes to shove, the question is which of these programs is better? In my opinion it’s Wealthy Affiliate, but I’m going to base that decision on 5 major factors:

Affilorama vs Wealthy Affiliate (the 5 factors):

  1. Which program has more benefits overall?affilorama vs wealthy affiliate
  2. Which program has better support?
  3. Which program has more tools to help you build an affiliate business?
  4. Which program has a better likelihood to help you succeed online?
  5. Which program is more cost effective?

I’m going to be answering these questions below but before I do, I want to give people a transparent review of these programs and my history with them, as well as the similarities they share.

And that’s what I’m going to begin with so you understand what each program is and their main benefits that they offer:

Where Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate get great scores:

1) Both programs have amazing free training anyone can access. In other words, whatever your doubts, you can try either program free to decide.

2) Both programs have a pretty affordable upgrade in their respective areas.

3) Both programs in my opinion teach great affiliate marketing principals and can help you succeed.

4) Both programs have good/great support.

5) And finally, both programs are some of the few legitimate affiliate marketing programs I recommend.

My history with Affilorama explained:

I heard about Affilorama in 2015 and did a review of it then. At the time, I joined their free membership and tried some of their tools like Traffic Travis. My thoughts on that program were mixed, but as for Affilorama, they were and are still quite high.

In fact, since the first time I looked over that program, they have gotten better overall and to this day, I would highly recommend them to anyone. I came into that program with a good understanding of affiliate marketing already and having seen results in it thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, so I was quickly able to compare the training in Affilorama and see that it did (and does) work.

I am actually still an affiliate for this program and did make one or a few sales for it, one of which was a high ticket one (you can promote them if you’re a member of Clickbank).

My history with Wealthy Affiliate explained:

I joined that program in 2007 which is why I said I had history with the industry prior to joining Affilorama. Wealthy Affiliate was and still is my #1 recommendation for learning affiliate marketing.

At the same time, I’ve been a member there since 2007 and have no plans on leaving. This program in my personal opinion has evolved a great deal in more ways than any other program I’ve ever reviewed, including Affilorama and this evolution has set it far above any other program I’ve seen since. This is why I often tell people that while there are legitimate affiliate marketing programs out there, the benefits in WA make it a distant first compared to the others.

I’ve made over $1 million in affiliate sales thanks to this program across the many different methods available and still run a business thanks to this program.

You can read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here for details, but this encapsulates my history there.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama. The 5 factors and which program is better:

Now it’s time to look back at the 5 factors I labeled earlier as score cards for each program and give you my take on it. I’m going to sound biased here, but based on what I’ve seen in both programs, I think Wealthy Affiliate wins out in every factor, sometimes by a little and sometimes by a lot.

I will also be explaining why this is, so you won’t think my opinion is just me being a fan, but an objective thinker. So let’s begin:

Which program has more benefits overall? Wealthy Affiliate:

On a 1-10 scale, I’d give Affilorama a 7 here and Wealthy Affiliate a 10. In Wealthy Affiliate, you simply get more from the program, whether you join as a free member or upgrade and naturally, as an upgraded member, more benefits come with that.

Without getting into too many details, here’s the summary:

As a free member of Affilorama, you basically get access to a ton of great, good support, and free content in helping you start affiliate marketing. From niche training, to explanations on how the business works, it’s a great entry education to the business.

However, in Wealthy Affiliate, you get even more free training, but also 1 website, and a ton of community help included. This gives you more than just reading material to work with, but more of an action plan to actually begin your business.

Which program has better support? Wealthy Affiliate again:

On the same 1-10 score, I’d give Affilorama a 7 out of 10 here and Wealthy Affiliate another 10 score.

In Affilorama, you get access to a live help chat support and forum to post your questions. In Wealthy Affiliate, you get live chat, forum support, site support (for your sites too), and more. There is also a faster response time in my personal opinion.

There are over 2 million members inside Wealthy Affiliate, so on top of the great support, there is also a highly engaging and helpful community to boot.

Which program has more tools to help you build an affiliate business? Wealthy Affiliate:

An affiliate business needs to have certain mandatory tools to operate and in Wealthy Affiliate, you simply get more to make that happen. Free members get 1 website to hold onto, but upgraded members just get more and more tools to boot.

Which program has a better likelihood to help you succeed online? Wealthy Affiliate:

This is a tough call because if you follow either program’s tutorials and apply it, you can succeed. However, I do believe you get more resources in Wealthy Affiliate to actually help you there which is why I am going to recommend that program here again.

Which program is more cost effective? Wealthy Affiliate:

Affilorama currently has 3 product packages to buy and some of them are cheap, and others are not. Wealthy Affiliate also has 3 memberships, and they all cost monthly from $49 to $99 a month.

This of course can add up to more costs down the line than Affilorama, but considering that Wealthy Affiliate gives you added tools to your business that you would have to pay monthly for outside the program anyway, those costs aren’t a deal breaker by any means.

My final thoughts: Both Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate rock, but my choice is the latter.

I’ve been very content to be a part of Wealthy Affiliate since I joined and to me, that program set the bar for what a good program should have. While I have seen programs (such as Affilorama) come close to the impressions Wealthy Affiliate gave me, WA just simply has evolved and continues to grow at a faster pace than any other good program out there.

And I’m not even mentioning the plethora of bad programs either, but you get the point. In the end, if you think I’m being too biased, you are welcome to join either program for free and make a decision on which one to stick to.

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7 Things Traffic Secrets Taught me. A Review And Summary.

Everywhere I look, Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets is being advertised and recently I finally decided to check it out. I’m going to be providing you with a summary of that book and my review of it, and I have to say, it’s quite an awesome read.

Let me just quickly say that I admire Russell, but don’t exactly recommend his programs such as Click Funnels or other programs he’s released to push that program. Aside from that viewpoint, I have nothing but good things to say about Traffic Secrets and you’ll see why shortly.

Quick report on Traffic Secrets:

Creator: Russell Brunson.traffic secrets review and summary screenshot

Price: I got the kindle version for $0.99. Hardcover and eBook versions are available too.

Overall rating: 9 out of 10 stars

I went into reading Traffic Secrets thinking that I would probably just be pitched Click Funnels and in truth, there was some mention of it, but that was like 1%.

The other 99% was great story telling, case studies and an awesome blueprint for succeeding online and making a long term income at it. This book is highly recommended and I rate it as one of the top 3 eBooks I’ve read on internet marketing.

traffic secrets alternative

What is Traffic Secrets? A summary of it:

There are 3 main parts to summarizing Traffic Secrets:

1) Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets talks about his history making money with search engines and paid ads and how he learned not to rely on them because they constantly go through updates and policy changes that often end up screwing the little people, whether it be raising ad costs or changing their rules for ranking websites organically.

2) Because you can’t rely on these options long term, Russell advises still using places like Google search, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to get leads, and provides specific blueprints for doing this, but the goal of these traffic sources is to collect an email list through them to create your own reliable traffic source (your email list) to use to sell to in niche markets you love, that also need help (hungry niche markets).

3) He teaches you to find your ideal niche markets, and utilize those traffic sources to collect an email list and then sell them products you own or compile an army of affiliate marketers to do it for you. He also teaches about upselling and making long term income from this.

So in short, these are the 7 things you learn from Traffic Secrets:

1) You find your ideal niche market that has a specific problem they need immediate solutions to (your dream customers he calls it).

2) You get worksheets to help you identify your dream customers and niches.

3) Russell Brunson also provides his own take on researching what your dream audience looks for on search engines, so you can capture that audience better to grow you list and content that they’ll see.

4) You find people in that niche through Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

5) Russell shows you how to piggyback off each network via finding authority websites, channels and so forth and basically using the same ideas they do in terms of what content they create, but to make yours unique and better, so you can get the traffic. This is called finding your “Dream 100”.

6) Russell teaches you the art of creating a small priced product to get people in your list to buy it, but then to up-sell them so you get more equity from that product.

7) You learn how to then also hire affiliate marketers to sell that product for you to scale the business.

Where I agree with what Traffic Secrets teaches (pros):

1) Russell is right when he says search engines and paid ad networks change the rules and eventually it hurts the little people who can’t afford to use them.

2) Russell is somewhat right in my opinion when he says that an email list is your best option for success.

3) Russell is spot on when he talks about finding niche audiences that have pain, or need solutions to problems as well as finding your niche, as these are always the evergreen niches that will make you money.

4) Russell’s approach to making money from YouTube, Facebook, Google and Instagram is quite awesome and I learned various new strategies to add to my online business.

Where I disagree with what Traffic Secrets teaches (cons):

1) Search engines and paid ad networks have gotten harder to use, but that has not cancelled out the opportunity. I still use these places actively and if you can find good, low competition niches (which there are many off), it’s still very possible to get good traffic from them and rely on this to make you money.

2) As for email marketing, he is mostly right, but passive income online isn’t as easy as owning a list, especially since that is itself a difficult business to run with no guarantees. Making recurring affiliate sales or constantly tapping into an evergreen niche market can provide you a passive income without having to start an email list.

Final Rating: Traffic Secrets


9 out of 10 stars. Pragmatically speaking, I can’t disagree with anything Russell says in his book. But I do I want to say that if you seek to start an online business with his advice, then what he offers in his eBook is a great start to doing it.

But for a more actionable plan (which is where he recommends his DotComSecrets and Click Funnels), I honestly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate program instead because you basically learn the same methods of success as what Traffic Secrets teaches, but you invest far less into doing it.

Side note: Other great eBooks on online business worth mentioning.

My final thoughts:

This is honestly the first time that I have reviewed something of Russell’s that I could get behind recommending. His other programs, namely:

Were in my opinion ways to get more audiences to buy his central Click Funnels program and make him an incredible amount of money. And I always have to mention that it’s not that I don’t like Click Funnels, but I just don’t find it necessary to succeed (and it’s too expensive).

Traffic Secrets however really helped improve my opinion of Russell as this eBook offers a lot of awesome value and advice on starting a great online business.

My advice on taking action with Traffic Secrets:

About 90% if not more of what I learned from Traffic Secrets, I already knew thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, which if you don’t know is actually where Russell got his start from, as did I.

The same core principals taught in Traffic Secrets are taught in Wealthy Affiliate, specifically on finding niche markets and building your own websites to rake that niche traffic in and make money from affiliate marketing with it.

While that’s core, the other stuff on ranking on search engines, YouTube, and so on is also taught, but the main reason I recommend it is because the entry price to Wealthy Affiliate is free to try and then cheap to stay at, whereas if you wish to take action with Russell’s stuff, it’s legitimate, but more expensive and in some cases, unnecessary for the beginner (possibly confusing).

So if you read Traffic Secrets and/or wish to take action with starting your business based on it, I 100% suggest starting with Wealthy Affiliate as it’ll put you on that right path Traffic Secrets teaches you to go on.

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