My Traffic Business Review: I Found 2 Shocking Things

I looked at buying My Traffic Business, but before doing so, checked out a bunch of reviews (and did some other research) and afterwards, what I discovered made me put away my wallet and that’s the shocking stuff I want to talk about in post.

Now I do also want to say that those reviews showed me what My Traffic Business is all about and as it just so happens, it’s nothing I haven’t done in my own online business already (but in a few different ways).

In any case, I am knowledgeable on the method, even though I did not buy the program and as you’ll soon learn, to call this a “program” is a bit too complimentary.

Quick Report on My Traffic Business:

Name: My Traffic traffic business review

Creator: James Wendell.

Price: $47.

Does My Traffic Business work? It can but there are better options, especially after reading the reviews.

Final Rating: 0 out of 10 stars

There are several reasons for this rating (2), and one of them is the low ratings/reviews I found on the program. The other is even more shocking in my opinion, but you’ll see what I mean below.

Other than this, the method taught within My Traffic Business is highly self promotional and based on what I saw, low quality at that. I personally don’t like that mix and therefore will not recommend it.


my traffic business alternative

My Traffic Business, a full review:

Before I share the reviews I found on this program and the shocking stuff they say, let me cover exactly what My Traffic Business is about and how it teaches you to make money online.

The basic idea behind the program is to teach you to do 2 things:

  1. Promote My Traffic Business itself.
  2. To do it through email marketing.

The idea isn’t bad, and doing affiliate marketing this way CAN work. However, based on what I’ve read, the material you get to accomplish these 2 things isn’t exactly high quality either (and that’s an understatement).

For starters, the training inside My Traffic Business is an eBook called “List Building Excellence”. And that happens to be one of the major red flags in this whole “program”. Let me explain:

Here’s the 1st problem with List Building Excellence:

It’s literally a PLR product you can find on various sites, for various prices, the cheapest of which is $9.95. I have however seen some people try to resell this for as high as $67 on the other sites I’ve seen (that’s outrageous).

Anyway, here’s proof:

list building excellent plr proof

And through My Traffic Business, it costs $47 (but you do get support and a few other things included, so that may be a bonus). Anyway, the problem I have with PLR products is that they are not original entities and products/content the owner creates.

They just buy it off third party places and resell it for whatever they want. And without telling the customers that it’s a PLR product, they assume (like I originally did) that it’s a unique product made by the owner.

Additionally, PLR products are often known to be outdated and are most commonly used as bonus items product creators make as enticements to get you to buy something. In this case, a PLR product is literally the MAIN product in My Traffic Business, which is one of the reasons why I gave it a 0 rating.

Here’s the second problem with My Traffic Business: The reviews are not that great (to say the least).

Interestingly enough, all of the reviews I found on My Traffic Business are literally either neutral or mostly negative and I’ll prove it to you:

And by the way, this is literally the tip of the reviews iceberg I found on this program (because most of them said the same thing).

Ironically, my review is the only one I found out of the others that points out that this program uses a PLR product as the main product, but whatever, it’s another important criticism of this program that needs to be shared in my opinion.

For me, any program that uses PLR products is in my opinion going to have it’s rating lowered, just because I personally do not like PLR stuff period.

Final Rating: My Traffic Business

0 stars.

Red Flag

0 out of 10 stars. Yeah it’s rare for me to give anything that big 0, but sadly, I have to give to this program. The mass amounts of low ratings/reviews mixed with the PLR stuff is sadly the reason why.

I don’t even like doing that, but there’s no reason I can find to justify recommending My Traffic Business. The idea of affiliate marketing and email marketing is absolutely legitimate, but this is not the source I personally believe is the best place to teach you that.

My final thoughts (and better options):

I’m not happy with having to write this review to be honest, but when what I found out is so clear, it has to be said regardless. However, like I just said, there’s other programs and products out there which aren’t about PLR stuff where you can learn affiliate marketing from, as well as the email marketing topic.

My #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate is where I’d honestly go above all other programs to do it. This is where I learned both email marketing and affiliate marketing from.

In addition, besides being a program you can try out for free, it also has mass amount of very high ratings and reviews that you can see there for yourself.

And finally, Wealthy Affiliate uses original content it creates from the experts inside this program, to the biggest success stories. No PLR stuff at all (phew).

Now to be fair, there are other programs worth noting you can find here, but in all honesty, none of them are as good, for the deal that it’s provided at from Wealthy Affiliate (believe me, I’ve checked many of them to say that).

Anyway, I hope this review of My Traffic Business was illuminating and that you understand my main 2 points of criticism for it. At the same time, you also know about what other alternatives are out there which provide far more value.

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Is Market America a Scam? Here’s a Review of What I Found

Market America is one of the most controversial and complicated MLM programs I’ve ever reviewed and it’s because of all the negative info Imarket america review found on it while researching it. This is something you can research as well to draw your own conclusions.

In my case, based on what I have seen, I can’t recommend it. But is it a scam though?

Well my opinion so far is that it’s not because you can’t make specific judgements based on third party stuff you read. But based on the way it functions, I personally can’t get involved with this type of business and do prefer other options.

So in short, let me say this: There will be NO official claim of a scam in this review of Market America until I see more evidence.

Yet, at the same time, this review will explain why I don’t recommend it and also give you what is in my opinion a better way to go if you’re unsure about this place, as I am.

Here’s 3 things I can say about Market America ( though:

1) It is a very expensive program to be apart of. Details on pricing coming up and I did not join it.

2) It is very difficult to succeed in this program. Yes they make a lot of money, but it’s the top tier people in it who make 99% of it. And in most business opportunities, this is what you will find. But the key is how much you invest to get started and you can still fail in other businesses, but potentially lose less money (the investment). I’d rather if you fail, you lose little and be able to start another option.

3) If you are seeking to make an online business through this program, I am personally not a fan, but if you want to know what I consider good, then here is what I recommend:

an alternative to market america 01

Aside from those 3 things, I want to give you substantial evidence as to why I make those 3 claims.

I’m going to explain and simplify how this MLM works, because it’s honestly a tough one to figure out on your own and because I understand how to figure out MLM programs due to my online experience, I can clarify how it works and with that explanation help you better decide.

The truth is that the alternative program I am recommending is in my opinion a far safer investment and one that is without the kind of controversy that surrounds Market America. 

A quick report and review of Market America:

market america services and promotions

Creator: JR Ridinger. 

Cost: Initial cost of $399 to start and nearly $130 monthly fee. This all entitles you to the company’s benefits and opportunity to earn money through it.

How does it work? This MLM is a program which is affiliated with numerous third party programs and services (screenshot to the right shows them).

Being a member of this MLM lets you promote products from those third party programs and make commissions of the sales.

Additionally, you can earn cash back from buying the products in those same third party places.

And finally, like any MLM out there, you can recruit people into Market America itself and be compensated for it (the more you recruit, the better).

But with this explanation, do I still recommend it? Well here’s my rating for it:

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars

I personally do not believe in creating an online business through an MLM program and added to this, after the things I found out regarding Market America, I am even less inclined to recommend it. But that’s my opinion.

Do your own research on this company if you are not 100% sure about this post (I encourage you to do that) and make an independent decision. For me, I stay away from MLM programs and do online business in different ways:

Is there anything positive to say about Market America? Yes actually:

There are several things worth noting about Market America which are good:

  • They’ve been around for over 20 years.
  • They have grossed over 7 billion in sales from what I have seen.
  • There ARE success stories within the MLM.
  • Many of the third party programs they are connected with are legit.

But here are 5 cons I discovered (some of which is are a bit startling in my opinion):

market america vs wealthy affliate 02


They don’t appear to actually have their own products. Remember the third party programs I mentioned above?

Well you can technically promote them on your own without joining Market America, and paying their high fees. 


There is a big rumor about a pyramid scheme existing within this program (based on what I read).

Being that they don’t actually have their own products from my understanding, and that they try to get you to buy other third party products and services, whilst charging a large fee to be a member of all of this, this is something I’d be careful with.

I’m not 100% sure on this, but legitimate MLM programs in my oponion have to have an affordable entry fee and create their own products.


I’m not surprised few people succeed with this program. With MLM programs in particular, this is normal in my experience.


I honestly see NO reason to join this program and pay those high fees because again, the third party programs they are connected with, you may be able to join on your own. Plus if that’s not the case, then you can sign up with other programs, like Amazon Associates, for free and promote products there.

I see no reason to add another layer of hassle and pay a company that doesn’t even make products money. You should only do that if you intend to recruit for the MLM.

My fifth and final reason:

Is that the recruitment aspect of this MLM just isn’t enticing enough for me. I don’t believe in it’s pricing, I don’t believe in it’s business model and to really make good money with it, you have to know how to sell well (not for beginners), and even if you do (and you’re in the small minority), you have to really believe in this program. Since I don’t, there’s no way I’m going to promote it.

Final Rating: Market America

Yellow Flag

3 out of 10 stars. From the things I’ve seen, this program has very little for me to personally justify recommending it.

I just think that they’ve taken a simple way of making money online (find a product online and promote it) and added their own membership layer over it, charging high prices to profit from this formula and being how complicated their compensation plan was, all the negative things I saw, I just can’t give it a recommended rating, but more of a “cautionary” one.

My final thoughts:

In general, succeeding via starting an online business is tough and yes, most people fail. But in my opinion people who try to get an online business started through an MLM program have an even harder time succeeding. 

There are a few reasons for this, but the major ones include:

There’s a bigger headache in my opinion at least, because the compensation model is typically harder to grasp, there’s more time spent recruiting and more time to reach a point in that recruiting to make good money and overall, you end up spending more in membership fees and buying products to then re-sell them.

People who don’t know any better may believe that approach is the only approach but it isn’t and let me explain why:

I do online business. And there’s a completely different way you can start it and succeed in it. Here’s an example:

Instead of joining some expensive MLM program, you can start a free blog and promote products, FOR free without owning them on it. This already insures that even if you fail, you lose little.

Of course that example is very basic, so I have specific examples of how I do online business and why it 100% beats the MLM alternative:

how to do online business vs mlm

Getting back to Market America, you can make money from it. But in my opinion, there are other online businesses from which it’s easier and more affordable to succeed from.

Whether it’s a scam, a pyramid scheme or even if it’s legitimate, the main point above all these things is that it’s a tough business model to succeed with and I personally think there are better options, which I’ve shared with you here.

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Freedom Breakthrough Review. The Pros And Cons

This Freedom Breakthrough review is going to cut through all the hype and let you know if the program is legitimate or a scam.

And to start, here’s what you need to know: It’s good in many areas and is not a scam. But there are certain things about it for which I’ll recommend another option. But let me start by giving you the following:

Quick report on Freedom Breakthrough:

Name: Freedom Breakthrough.freedom breakthrough review

Creator: John Montoya.

Price: $997 one time or that’s too much, then there’s a 2 payments of $597 available.

Does Freedom Breakthrough work? Yes if you apply the actual training. It is based on truly legitimate stuff.

Final Rating: 6 out of 10 stars (legit)

The program is very solid and I say this because the material and what is covered in it’s 11 modules of training is based off the same things I do (affiliate marketing, SEO, paid ads, Facebook stuff, email marketing and more).

If you’re a beginner, you will get a lot of value out of this and even if you’re advanced, there’s still a lot to be appreciated and learned from in this program. John Montoya and his Freedom Breakthrough is legit.


freedom breakthrough alternative

Here’s a full review of Freedom Breakthrough:

This is an 11 module course on what is basically affiliate marketing. Having had my own success in this field (see my $1 million affiliate marketing income post), I can attest to that.

But there are layers to affiliate marketing and different ways of doing it, each beneficial for a certain type of person, meaning certain methods and strategies are better to be used by beginners and others by advanced people who have money to spend.

The good news is that in John Montoya’s course, all of these options are provided in a layer upon layer format meaning that when you start, you begin with the more beginner friendly strategies to build your income through and upon that, get into the later modules which cover the more advanced (paid) models.

Specifically, here is a breakdown of the modules (training) in Freedom Breakthrough:

Note: I did not buy this program mainly due to the high expense, but also because I literally do 90% of it already (I know the material).

And this is a my paraphrased interpretation of it:

Module 1: Niches.

Niches are topics of interest you have in life that can be anything and the first place to start is here. Many niches can be turned into profitable businesses and Johnathon will show you the different options and how to choose one to start with (one is actually enough to build off).

In fact, I have my own list of 50 affiliate marketing niches here you are welcome to check out to get a nice idea of what’s possible to make online businesses with (and some of them are surprising).

Module 2: Creating a website (known as an asset).

Websites are absolutely necessary for any beginner-advanced affiliate marketer. Your website is your HQ for traffic, affiliate marketing and building your brand/reputation and in this module, John will show you how to set this up.

Module 3: Getting traffic from SEO, Google and more.

This is where the layer upon layer analogy applies really well. I’m a huge fan of building a website and getting free traffic to it first before advancing to paid methods of traffic generation and this is one of the great things in Freedom Breakthrough.

Here you’ll learn about that very thing which is getting organic traffic to your site. Monetizing off that traffic is the investment you can use to further apply the next module’s trainings.

Module 4: Creating funnels.

Funnels are basically the process of when people find your site, to reading your pages to possibly taking action like buying affiliate products from you. From what I have heard, you may have to invest in Clickfunnels to use some of the methods here (this may cost extra), but overall, your site from Module 3, if it can produce good traffic results, can earn without the need to have this type of program.

Module 5: Making email lists and profiting in other methods.

Email marketing should be set aside until you get a good, organic traffic generating site up, which is why this module is in my opinion correctly applied after you get that done (module 3).

In any case, what you learn here is collecting email lists off your site and promoting to people directly through email. This diversifies your options to promote and helps your website fuel your list growth, which in turn fuels more of your potential success in affiliate marketing.

To do email marketing will require you buy and use programs like Aweber, but most of them are pretty inexpensive.

Module 6: Facebook groups and traffic.

This module gets into getting traffic (free) from Facebook by creating business and personal pages there that are tied to your website.

Module 7: YouTube affiliate marketing and growing your brand there.

I’m a big proponent of diversifying your business once it gets going and in my opinion, after your website is doing well, one of the best ways to scale the business is to enter into YouTube, and make videos there, grow a following, promote affiliate stuff there and expand your business.

Well this very module goes over that stuff and you will learn a lot from it.

Module 8: TiK ToK.

For many affiliate businesses, this platform has become huge for leads/traffic and more, and for me personally, I am not a fan of this network, but never the less, Johnathon will be teaching you the process of scaling your business through Tik Tok in this module.

Module 9: PPC (Paid ads).

This is one of the most advanced ways of succeeding online, which has either fast potential for growth and/or fast potential for loss (losing a lot of money that is), but you will learn mainly about Google Ads and YouTube ads here from Johnathan.

Note: I’m telling everyone right now, do not skip the modules and head over to this until you earn money from your affiliate site with free traffic.

Module 10: More Tik Tok (but with ads).

Because TiK ToK has and is still alien to me, I will pause on making any comments here about it, but I’m confident in Johnathan’s ability to teach how to do this properly.

Module 11: Facebook Ads.

Facebook ads has a lot of potential and in the ad world in my experience and in this final module, Johnathan will be showing you exactly how to monetize it. From driving leads/traffic to your affiliate offers, to building up an email list through it, there is a lot to note about the potential of this platform (and risks to take into consideration too).

Again, don’t do the paid ads training until you correctly work your way up the modules (and get results with them first). Also here is a good inside look at Freedom Breakthrough, which is one of the sources I got my info on for this Freedom Breakthrough review.

Final Rating: Freedom Breakthrough

Green flag (legit)

6 out of 10 stars. The main pros to note about this program is that it’s well organized, legitimate and follows along the right layer upon layer format to build your affiliate business correctly. Much of the training as based on my research shows this program teaches you the right way to do this stuff.

Overall, yes it is beginner friendly, applicable and does work. However, there are certain cons to Freedom Breakthrough worth noting too:

My final thoughts:

While its a very good program in most places and works, there are 2 cons I find:

First, the program isn’t cheap on the front end and if you get into the strategies on the back end and buy things like Clickfunnels and an autoresponder, it will add up. These things in my opinion are pretty optional and should only be purchased if you really need them (they aren’t necessary).

Second, all this training you get in the 11 modules, you can actually get in a program like Wealthy Affiliate for a ton less. And in most high ticket programs I review, the few good ones that are out there (which Freedom Breakthrough is in), the cost effectiveness of a program like Wealthy Affiliate and learning the same material there vs in a high cost, high ticket program is very important to understand.

While you are certainly free to choose how much money you wish to spend, I am a big fan of lower cost, but super high quality programs being the way to go, especially if they teach the same stuff anyway.

This is why my alternative recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate instead of Freedom Breakthrough, but if you can afford this program, you can certainly buy it with confidence too.


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Affilorama vs Wealthy Affiliate. Which Program is Better?

Both Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate are programs I highly recommend on this website (and in general), but in my experience, as long you have 1 good affiliate program at hand to help you build a business, that’s really all you need to succeed.

So if push comes to shove, the question is which of these programs is better? In my opinion it’s Wealthy Affiliate, but I’m going to base that decision on 5 major factors:

Affilorama vs Wealthy Affiliate (the 5 factors):

  1. Which program has more benefits overall?affilorama vs wealthy affiliate
  2. Which program has better support?
  3. Which program has more tools to help you build an affiliate business?
  4. Which program has a better likelihood to help you succeed online?
  5. Which program is more cost effective?

I’m going to be answering these questions below but before I do, I want to give people a transparent review of these programs and my history with them, as well as the similarities they share.

And that’s what I’m going to begin with so you understand what each program is and their main benefits that they offer:

Where Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate get great scores:

1) Both programs have amazing free training anyone can access. In other words, whatever your doubts, you can try either program free to decide.

2) Both programs have a pretty affordable upgrade in their respective areas.

3) Both programs in my opinion teach great affiliate marketing principals and can help you succeed.

4) Both programs have good/great support.

5) And finally, both programs are some of the few legitimate affiliate marketing programs I recommend.

My history with Affilorama explained:

I heard about Affilorama in 2015 and did a review of it then. At the time, I joined their free membership and tried some of their tools like Traffic Travis. My thoughts on that program were mixed, but as for Affilorama, they were and are still quite high.

In fact, since the first time I looked over that program, they have gotten better overall and to this day, I would highly recommend them to anyone. I came into that program with a good understanding of affiliate marketing already and having seen results in it thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, so I was quickly able to compare the training in Affilorama and see that it did (and does) work.

I am actually still an affiliate for this program and did make one or a few sales for it, one of which was a high ticket one (you can promote them if you’re a member of Clickbank).

My history with Wealthy Affiliate explained:

I joined that program in 2007 which is why I said I had history with the industry prior to joining Affilorama. Wealthy Affiliate was and still is my #1 recommendation for learning affiliate marketing.

At the same time, I’ve been a member there since 2007 and have no plans on leaving. This program in my personal opinion has evolved a great deal in more ways than any other program I’ve ever reviewed, including Affilorama and this evolution has set it far above any other program I’ve seen since. This is why I often tell people that while there are legitimate affiliate marketing programs out there, the benefits in WA make it a distant first compared to the others.

I’ve made over $1 million in affiliate sales thanks to this program across the many different methods available and still run a business thanks to this program.

You can read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here for details, but this encapsulates my history there.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama. The 5 factors and which program is better:

Now it’s time to look back at the 5 factors I labeled earlier as score cards for each program and give you my take on it. I’m going to sound biased here, but based on what I’ve seen in both programs, I think Wealthy Affiliate wins out in every factor, sometimes by a little and sometimes by a lot.

I will also be explaining why this is, so you won’t think my opinion is just me being a fan, but an objective thinker. So let’s begin:

Which program has more benefits overall? Wealthy Affiliate:

On a 1-10 scale, I’d give Affilorama a 7 here and Wealthy Affiliate a 10. In Wealthy Affiliate, you simply get more from the program, whether you join as a free member or upgrade and naturally, as an upgraded member, more benefits come with that.

Without getting into too many details, here’s the summary:

As a free member of Affilorama, you basically get access to a ton of great, good support, and free content in helping you start affiliate marketing. From niche training, to explanations on how the business works, it’s a great entry education to the business.

However, in Wealthy Affiliate, you get even more free training, but also 1 website, and a ton of community help included. This gives you more than just reading material to work with, but more of an action plan to actually begin your business.

Which program has better support? Wealthy Affiliate again:

On the same 1-10 score, I’d give Affilorama a 7 out of 10 here and Wealthy Affiliate another 10 score.

In Affilorama, you get access to a live help chat support and forum to post your questions. In Wealthy Affiliate, you get live chat, forum support, site support (for your sites too), and more. There is also a faster response time in my personal opinion.

There are over 2 million members inside Wealthy Affiliate, so on top of the great support, there is also a highly engaging and helpful community to boot.

Which program has more tools to help you build an affiliate business? Wealthy Affiliate:

An affiliate business needs to have certain mandatory tools to operate and in Wealthy Affiliate, you simply get more to make that happen. Free members get 1 website to hold onto, but upgraded members just get more and more tools to boot.

Which program has a better likelihood to help you succeed online? Wealthy Affiliate:

This is a tough call because if you follow either program’s tutorials and apply it, you can succeed. However, I do believe you get more resources in Wealthy Affiliate to actually help you there which is why I am going to recommend that program here again.

Which program is more cost effective? Wealthy Affiliate:

Affilorama currently has 3 product packages to buy and some of them are cheap, and others are not. Wealthy Affiliate also has 3 memberships, and they all cost monthly from $49 to $99 a month.

This of course can add up to more costs down the line than Affilorama, but considering that Wealthy Affiliate gives you added tools to your business that you would have to pay monthly for outside the program anyway, those costs aren’t a deal breaker by any means.

My final thoughts: Both Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate rock, but my choice is the latter.

I’ve been very content to be a part of Wealthy Affiliate since I joined and to me, that program set the bar for what a good program should have. While I have seen programs (such as Affilorama) come close to the impressions Wealthy Affiliate gave me, WA just simply has evolved and continues to grow at a faster pace than any other good program out there.

And I’m not even mentioning the plethora of bad programs either, but you get the point. In the end, if you think I’m being too biased, you are welcome to join either program for free and make a decision on which one to stick to.

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Prosper to Wealth Review. Does it Truly Work?

You may have seen some sort of advertisement online for a way to make money online pretty easily and that took you to the Prosper to Wealth page. In this review, I’m going to uncover what you should know before trying this opportunity out (and I am 100% not recommending it).

Quick report on Prosper to Wealth:

Name: Prosper to Wealth.prosper to wealth review

Creator: Brenden or Coach Brenden.

Price: To join whatever program Prosper to Wealth is promoting to you can cost up to $15,000+.

Final Rating: 0 out of 10 stars

Recommended? No.

There are a lot of claims Prosper to Wealth’s Brenden make that need to be clarified because when you examine the full context and risks, you may conclude like I did that this program is a massive risk to get into.


prosper to wealth alternative

Prosper to Wealth explained (full review):

First, let’s talk about what’s in it for Brenden:

There’s a bit of unpacking necessary to fully understand all that is “behind” Prosper to Wealth because in reality, Brenden and this “program” are just trying to get you to enter a “network marketing” program and it’s a very expensive one (very high ticket program).

When you join this program, whatever you invested, Brenden will likely make about half of that and will receive a paycheck from the network marketing company (or whatever type of company it is).

Now, let’s talk about what’s in it for you (how you can make money with this program):

First of all, in my opinion, your odds of success with this program are very low if you’re unfamiliar with how to market this opportunity online and I’ll explain why that is the case further on.

But theoretically (best case scenario that is), you make money with this network marketing company by promoting it exactly how Brenden does.

  • You’ll make your own promotion of how you’re making money with this “amazing system”.
  • You’ll link people to the same sales page you joined from.
  • You’ll hope that as many people who see that page pay the same money (or more) that you did to sign up.
  • They will send their money in (again best case scenario) and you’ll make about 50% from each sale.

In other words, consider the video you watch with Brenden’s testimonial, then consider how you’ll basically be making a video of yourself saying the same kinds of things.

Why is it so difficult to make money with this program? 4 reasons:

The whole goal is to get this promotion out to as many people as possible. If you have no clue how to get traffic to this opportunity, then you’re already behind the few people who are making money with this program.

The second reason why it’s tough is because you will be given an option to buy traffic from this company so they do the marketing for you and get eyes on that page. However, you will have to pay for that and likely a lot of money too and you won’t know how legitimate that service is.

Third, you have to rely on the trust that this opportunity is legitimately going to send you money if you make the sale. Being that I did see this network marketing company being promoted by different people, I assume it does legitimately send you money.

Forth, believe it or not, this network marketing company is not even official. What do I mean? Well, this is where it gets “good”:

is prosper to wealth a scam

So if you feel comfortable getting into this opportunity knowing those 4 things, then we’re just going to have to disagree on what we consider as legitimate opportunities, because for me, I’d run away from this opportunity very quickly because of these problems I see.

Let’s go back to Prosper to Wealth’s claims now that we have more context:

This is coming from watching Brenden talk about this opportunity.

First, notice he never mentions what it’s actually called (does that not worry you?).

Second, Brenden talks about struggling before he found this network marketing company and they do it all for you. This is technically true because you “just send” people to the page where they call up the number and the sales people do that part instead of you. The truly difficult part is getting (or buying) visitors to see that page.

Third, this network marketing opportunity is being sold as a solution to people struggling to succeed at making money. Again, with the exception of truly rare cases, there is a possibility that you can make money with it, but what is assuredly guaranteed is that you’ll first have to pay a lot to try this (and most importantly, that you are never going to be guaranteed this works).

Final Rating: Prosper to Wealth

0 stars

Red Flag

0 out of 10 stars. There are so many more things I want to say about this opportunity but rather than rant, and you have to read that, let me just say that I do not recommend Prosper to Wealth.

My final thoughts:

Any sort of critical thinking in my opinion on this opportunity will have you realize how risky it is to get into it and I am warning anyone who is only seeing dollar signs when they look at this program and nothing else to step back, think about this without thinking about the money and consider what you’re engaging in.

If you want to know more, let me tell you that you can see my review of Fast Start Side Hustle and you’ll see the person there is promoting the same network marketing company.

There’s few people who will actually make good money from this, but overall, this method itself is in my opinion illegitimate, not just because of how money is made, but for how many more questions I have about this actual network marketing that quickly stack up as you examine it more.

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