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Doterra ~ Carolyn Rhodes

I started in Doterra almost 4 years ago. I was looking for pure essential oils to scent my home instead of burning candles. I had tried other essential oils, but I knew they weren’t pure. Then a friend of mine invited me to an education class on Doterra essential oils and I was hooked!

When I first smelled the oils, I could tell that they were pure! Also I had learned that using the cheaper oils could actually be harmful because of the synthetic ingredients in them. I started out with a diffuser and the top 10 oils.

Not only do they smell wonderful, but they also have health benefits as well! Doterra has products that are natural and can take care of your family naturally!

Many issues can be addressed including digestive, respiratory, women’s health, children’s health, men’s health, cellular health, immune support, sleep issues, mental health, seasonal threats, inflammation and pain issues, and so much more! Also natural hair care, spa products, skin care, weight loss, and high quality supplements!    


Pampered Chef ~ Terri Proctor

I have been selling Pampered Chef for 3 years and started because of their amazing kitchen products and my love of cooking.  I love being able to share awesome recipes and great products with all my hosts.

Pampered Chef has everything from spices, utensils, stoneware and pots and pans.  We have started an amazing kids line to help introduce cooking into their lives as well. 

My website is Terri Proctor

Usborne Books & More ~ Samantha Swartzentruber

So many books, so little time……….

I sell Usborne Books and More, books for all ages of children. Educational, Inspirational, and Activity types of books. My motto is So many books, so little time. I do have a Facebook page at:, and my website is:

I am a stay at home mommy with 2 sons. 

Open a world of possibilities with Usborne Books & More.  Whether you are looking for an exciting career with a potential six-figure income or to add just a few hundred dollars a month to your income with only a few hours of work each week … Usborne Books & More has an exciting opportunity for you to make a difference in children’s lives.

Thousands have discovered life-changing opportunities with Usborne Books & More. More than just a career, they find a close network of friends who encourage one another to reach for their dreams … and cheer them on when they achieve them!

Join today! There is a world of possibilities awaiting …

Tupperware ~ Darla Jo Tascott

My Tupperware why…

     8 years ago this month I attended a Tupperware get together my friend hosted. I fell in love! I loved the products, how much fun the party was, how sweet the consultant was and how much fun SHE was having. I decided that night I wanted it all, so I signed up to become a consultant! A decision I have never regretted! 

     My husband and I have 11 kids! The extra income that Tupperware has brought to our family helps so much. I’ve not only earned money but amazing prizes and rewards as well as gaining a whole organization that feels like a second family. 

If you have any questions I can answer I would love to help you! 

Darla Jo Tascott 

812-718-6271 (call or text) (please shoot me a text if you send an email so I do not miss it!)

Thirty-One ~ Molly Braunecker

Call me crazy and young!! I became a direct sales consultant with Thirty One over the summer of 2019. I am a sophomore in college, just bought a house, and am planning on going to medical school. With the future, I am unable to work a “regular hours job” and needed something I could work on between classes or on the run!! Thirty-One was the perfect opportunity for me as I was able to join for $1 and begin a career with this faith-based organization.

Since selling Thirty-One, I have qualified for discounted products every month, free products, free points, and created a lasting sisterhood with encouraging ladies in my life. The products have changed my life in every way from home decor, to stylist gym bags, to organization and beyond. When I speak to most people they only know Thirty-One for the personalized bags, but it is so much more!!

Thirty-One has personalized purses, wallets, bags, and travel accessories along with thermals of every size. They also have personalized jewelry, wall art, canvas pillows, and my favorite our wood collection which is personalized as well. Thirty-One wants to allow you to personalize and share you story very moment of every day. This can be a personalized iron photo on a wood gallery or you initials on the key fob. Its your story so make it yours!

The products have also allowed me to share the blessing with Thirty One I conducted a fundraiser to fill out Mini Zipper Pouches with monthly female hygiene supplies to distribute to the Kentuckiana area for young girls who lack the adequate resources. This was such a blessing and being with a company that allows for me to give back is worthwhile. 

Please feel free to reach out to me at or visit my website at to shop or more information on joining my team!

With love, Molly