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Adult 18+ only ~~ Jobs & Ops

There are numerous ways to work from home and some of them are Adult Jobs and opportunities.

One of which is adult products and novelties demonstrators…..After having surgery in 1998, I started doing sensual Adult products and novelties parties. Hey we all know that sex sells and lets face it, I was making big money selling these products. After having a fun evening meeting new people and talking about a fun topic and showing my products, I got rewarded for my efforts usually with on average $300.00 – $500.00 Clear (my profit) a night. Yes indeed, I was making bank. With this in mind and my love of the bath and body products (among others) I researched the wholesale distributors I have today and am proud to say that we are currently Hiring Romance Consultants and Distributors. We are managed and run by Mother’s and Grandmother’s.

We are currently Hiring Romance Consultants for our Love Goddess Parties division. So we have linked our Work at Home Mania to Love Goddess Parties. The upside is we also have Adult Work at Home Jobs and Opportunies listed on this site as well. I do wish to caution you though, this is an Adult site and you must be 18 to enter.


Shopping online & More with All Solutions Network

ASN is Groovy! Do people say that anymore? Seriously All Solutions Network actually pays you back for your shopping…..Plus it’s an absolutely WORK AT HOME FREE BUSINESS! It lets you earn from everything, it’s as simple as getting free quotes and trials, but we can also earn big commissions (up to $1,500 per service) from the financial services they offer… and they do the work… plus we actually get paid for our normal shopping, walmart, amazon, etc… We can even earn by simply GIVING AWAY free vacations, restaurant vouchers and medical discounts… best of all– it requires absolutely no investment– ever! 


I personally use the heck out of them for my web hosting and when I shop at Amazon. There is so many ways to earn with All Solutions Network, it seems a bit overwhelming but if you take the time to follow their instructions you will be making money in no time. Don’t forget it’s FREE To sign up so what the heck!

 just click here

Shopping online & Making $$$


Make $$ Shop Online!!!
Make $$ Shop Online!!!

Anyone that knows me, knows I shop online for everything.  Groceries, check, Toilet paper Check, you get the picture here….

I have a some tricks up my sleeve that help to save time and money but yet earn some cash back along the way.  I am going to share them here with you over the next few days to help you save a dime or two. There are several companies out there but I have a few that I will share with you to help you get started.  Today I would love to Share a great money saving opportunity from!

What is 

WELL………. is an online shopping mall where you get great deals, money saving coupons and cash back rebates on any purchase that you make through partner stores. I am enjoying these great savings right now and wanted to share the savings with you.
Every day in the mall you have access to between 1,200 – 1,500 special offers from the stores competing for your business. You will find these under the Great Deals, Hot Deals or Featured Stores on the Home page or in the Hot Deals or Promo Codes section of the site.
Saving is easy with
Why pay full price when you can get discount codes, free shipping codes, coupons and CashBack discount on your online shopping. Membership is FREE and there are absolutely no strings attached.

One of the things I do it is shop online at Walmart and go through to order my groceries. I save time and Money. Take my advice on this one folks Membership is FREE you have nothing to lose sign up for if you have any questions about it, there is a FAQ section, or send me an email at  please be patient as I am a 1 woman operation here.