Working Mothers Would Rather Quit Their Jobs Than Go Back To The Way It Was

stressed mom at office

Here’s what employers can do.

A communications agency CEO shares what she’s learned about building a mom-friendly workplace.

4 Reasons Why Companies with Women in Senior Management Are More Successful

woman leader speaking and presenting under spotlight

It’s better for the bottom line when women help run the show. Here’s why.

Plenty of research proves the secret to business success is hiring and promoting women into the top ranks.

How to Spot Digital Mansplaining—and Stop It In Its Tracks

digital illustration of a mansplaining man wearing a business suit and saying "Well, actually..."

We’re working in new ways, but women still struggle with many of our pre-pandemic problems.

Mansplaining is happening in a lot of our digital communications, from Zoom to Webex. Here’s how to fight back.

What Gen X and Millennials Learned from Watching Boomer Exec Moms Struggle

boomer mom

The author of a new book says a lot has changed between three generations of power moms—but one key thing hasn’t.

Joann Lublin, the author of Power Moms, tells us how three generations of executive moms have navigated work and motherhood.

6 Ways Employers Can Turn This Working Mom Shecession into a Shesurgence

working mom shecession

Smart companies will keep these in mind so they can keep their talented mom employees.

Data shows women are leaving the workforce en masse. Here are six ways employers can keep that from happening.
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