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More work at home tips

The new normal of a virtual work-from-home environment combined with the fears of the pandemic has upended sleeping routines on a grand scale, with 67% of us noting a poorer quality of sleep since the pandemic began. Visit My Slumber for a guide on improving sleep as a remote worker. Optimize your sleep while working from home: pros and cons of working from home while supporting remote workers in reprioritizing healthy sleep. You’ll find these topics covered, along with actionable tips your readers can begin using immediately: Common sleep struggles many remote workers experience: How to regain control of poor sleep patterns while working from home, Work-life balance considerations for the self-employed.

Ultimate Ergonomic Seating Criteria For Working From Home

This is a fantastic post about the importance of your chair for working from home. I love the fact they state that the age of the cubical is over and the time for work from home has come. I have been saying that since 1992. Oh well, with the information that has provided in this post regarding ergonomic seating criteria is awesome. Working from home for 8-10 hours at a time, sitting in the same chair, does have it’s drawbacks. You really need to have a chair that “goes beyond good back support. A modern Work from Home Chair should support your neck and it should also let you kick back and relax.” According to the post from I feel that having an ergonomic chair to work from home, in long run, is an investment in yourself. You will greatly benefit from reading this article, before you chair shop.