Rewarding Jobs for Retired Professionals

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According to the National Council on Aging, seniors are more active and living longer than any other time in human history; in fact, approximately 10,000 people per day turn 65. That is a lot of active people who may not be ready to completely leave the workforce.

For many Americans, reaching our “golden years” doesn’t mean we are ready to slow down. Often, we look forward to retiring, just to find out we are bored stiff and still have so much to offer the world we simply can’t stay complacent with retired life alone.

There is a need in the workforce for the talents, experience, and knowledge of senior workers. The key to finding something perfect for you is to remember your skills and expertise are highly coveted. Choose a position where they can make the most impact on what’s important to you.

Here are some of the most rewarding jobs for retired seniors who are itching to get back in the professional world.


Why not consult in whatever career you’re retired from? You have insight that comes from compounded knowledge in the field. Your years of experience allow you to offer advice that only you can provide. People pay big bucks for that knowledge. Consulting is perfect for the senior who is still in love with retired life because you pick your own hours. Take on as many clients as you like and offer just the services you have time for. You still have time to catch a movie, play a great round of shuffleboard, and show up for cocktails with the gang.


Whether you have always wanted to crank out an epic novel or you see yourself dipping into some technical writing in your senior years, freelance writing is a wonderful venue for those with writing talents. Write articles for newspapers or magazines, or write instruction manuals and white papers for technical writing clients if you’re great with details. The freelance writing field is rife with possibilities for someone with a lot of life experience to reference. It also allows you to make your own work hours and environment. Work wherever you feel most inspired. That could be a beach, cozy kitchen, local pub, or the public library.


Teach your refined skills to others. Teach others to dance, cook, or use a computer. This is especially useful for seniors with advanced degrees or specialized training, but any skill can be taught. Consider approaching your former boss to offer services teaching the new employees’ job-specific tasks. An instructor could be a good job for seniors who like to travel and interact with their surroundings. You could be required to go out of town to train people.

Tools for Senior Professionals

The specific tools needed for senior professionals will depend on the type of work they are returning too. For instance, driving for Uber or Lyft will require your own car. If you’re going to teach piano, you’ll need a piano. Make sure you own or have access to any props or accessories you will need to perform your duties.

One thing you will need regardless of the line of work is a dependable smartphone. Every working professional must be able to receive and send business calls at the very least, but there are many apps available to help schedule and maintain a rewarding career.

Your smartphone doesn’t have to be pricey or super-technological to do the job. There are many less expensive models that can work as well. The key to finding one that works for you is to decide which features you need for work and then research phones for the ones that fit your needs without a bunch of costly added bells and whistles. Seniors like the iPhone XR for its large screen display without any added cost. Android lovers like the Galaxy Note 8. It has all the features of newer models with a drastic price cut.

Additionally, you’ll want to choose a provider with a wide range of coverage so you don’t get caught without service. Being able to communicate with and respond to clients is important when you’re operating a business, be it big or small. In addition, look for a carrier that offers fast download speeds and has a history of reliable service.

Our senior years offer a whole new life to enjoy. Make it more rewarding by sharing all you have learned and helping others experience life to its fullest.

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