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Back in 2006, when I started looking for a remote job, the internet was littered with scams and unreliable information. Finding a legitimate work-at-home job online was like finding a needle in a haystack. Many of the resources, tools, and blogs that are available today were non-existent when I started my remote job search. Luckily, […] The post FlexJobs Review: Is FlexJobs Really Worth Paying For? appeared first on The Work at Home Woman | Legit Work From Home Jobs.

Mary Kay ~ Benita Conn

Benita Conn Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

My Why?

Hi, my name is Benita Conn and I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.  My “why” for becoming a Mary Kay consultant began many years ago as a customer.  My cousin and my aunt were consultants early in the Mary Kay world and introduced me to it in my teens.  Over the years, I have discovered Mary Kay has kept calling me back to the lifestyle, the product, the people.

Benita Conn Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

I have tried many different areas of work creating a very diverse work background. I have taught, I have done marketing, I have worked radio, I have been a bank teller, I have worked retail, and I have even bartended.  Some of those positions I was successful at, and some not so successful. I have always felt like something was missing in my life. Through those years, I remained a personal use consultant and I found I was still sharing the message of Mary Kay and the product. The message I keep hearing from Mary Kay Ash herself, “make a difference in someone’s life and make them feel special.”  I have always believed in that message, and I have always lived my life trying to make a difference in people’s lives.  Whereas, in my various jobs outside of Mary Kay I discovered it was more about the dollar instead of the person, with the exception of teaching. I would come home feeling unfulfilled and unhappy which made things hard at home.  I was not happy and totally stressed out working with people who were only working for a paycheck, week to week.  I needed to find something more fulfilling.

My “why” is more than about my happiness, it is about my family.  My parents are much older now and need their children more.  By doing my Mary Kay it allows me to be able to help them when needed.  Then there is my sweet supporting husband, Keith.  Since I have been working from home and being at home when he comes home has been very rewarding. This has helped our relationship tremendously! 

Being a Mary Kay Consultant has helped my self-esteem and has allowed me to have more freedom to create and enjoy life.  My attitude is more positive because I know what I do matters to others.  One of the best things about being an independent beauty consultant, I get to hang out and learn new things with my girlfriends, and my hard work is acknowledged.  Mary Kay grows the spirit within a person through the coaching and the support from the company and the people within my inner circle.

This is my Why.

Benita Conn

Website: Marykay.com/bconn

Email: benitaconn@gmail.com

Cell Phone:  502-523-2649

Benita Conn Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Usborne Books ~ Sheena Elkins

Sheena Elkins with Usborne Books
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Hey there, I’m Sheena Elkins with Usborne Books and More. I have been running my business for a little over a year. When I first heard of Usborne I knew it was for me. My children love books and our books make reading so much fun! The thing I love about our books is that a lot of them are fun but also educational. Being a homeschool mom this really caught my eye. 

    A little about me, I’m a mother of 2, homeschool mom and wife of 5 yrs. I am also starting nursing school this year. I love to read and study, which is why this business fits me perfectly!! 

   If you would like to check out our books, host a party, or join my team be sure and check out my website at x8939.myubam.com 

Sheena Elkins with Usborne Books

Sheena Elkins with Usborne Books

Pampered Chef ~ Cheryl Gugel

Cheryl Gugel Pampered Chef Consultant

My name is Cheryl Gugel, I’m a Pampered Chef consultant. My husband and I have a sheep farm, we help with a bird Rescue(we have over 15 birds here), we have 4 kids and 3 grandkids. My youngest daughter just left for college and us still with an 8-year-old son at home. We both work full-time jobs so we are SUPER BUSY, to say the least. I have always loved Pampered Chef products and bounced around the idea of selling it for several years. I figured I would not have enough time to devote to the business to be successful.

A friend of mine had a Virtual PC party and I was intrigued. Once I talked to the consultant, I knew I would be able to fit this in my schedule. My goal was to earn extra money to pay our debt down faster but I have since changed that goal to be able to quit my full-time job and make PC my source of income. I have done very well with Pampered Chef and have far exceeded what I thought I could do. I have done very well with my commissions each month. PC stands behind its products and it basically sells itself. The virtual parties are super easy and I don’t spend a lot of time on the computer due to I have a scheduler that does 90% of the work for me. If you would be interested in joining my team feel free to reach out to me, I would love to have you. 


FB page: Cheryl’s Taste of home

Cheryl Gugel Pampered Chef Consultant

Cheryl Gugel Pampered chef Consultant