The XM World Shop Side hustle

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Work at home mania & The XM World Shop

I am always on the look out for new ways to earn an income for work at home mania. I come across this site a while back and was hesitant about it. But now that I have signed up, I want to shout it to the world. We are proud to announce our affiliation with The XM World Shop.

Side Hustle

You can earn monthly passive income through their marketplace shops. This is a great side hustle you can do that cost you nothing. It is an online shop for you to sell products from like eBay, Poshmark and Mercari. Plus, it is an affiliate site where you are able to sell their products as well.

You simply get a seller’s account and they set up a shop for you that you can promote and earn commissions from the sale of products from your shop. They handle all the orders and payment processing. You have no inventory and you sell the products. It is very much like affiliate marking but with the opportunity to sell custom product and YOUR own products if you choose to.

NO SETUP is Required!

No setup required! Just provide them with some basic information like the name of your shop and your email address, they create the shop for you. Then they email you, your login information and your password. You can choose the password or they will. You simply promote the link to your shop or to the home page and have people do search for your shop name.

Sell your own products

You can also offer for sale your own items as well. The commission set is different and you would be handling your own products. You are probably thinking that there is a cost for a having a shop like this, there are no fees to pay, it cost nothing! Yes, you heard right it cost nothing to have a shop. They make money from the sale of products in your as a result of you sending people to your shop.

Generate a passive income

Get a monthly passive income from building a customer base that purchases consumable products like tea and clothing, coffee mugs and more. Get ongoing monthly income from repeat sales of the tea and other consumables that can be offered in your shop. It costs nothing to have a shop on their site and they make their money from the sale of the products. Customers can order anytime night or day without any additional effort on your part.

You can build up a customer base that will come back month after month to buy consumable products for repeat sales. Here is our link to our The XM World shop as an example. If you would like more information or to simply ask questions maybe to maybe to set up your own shop simply email them at Or you can contact me at