About me…..

This author has experience working online since 1980, first with New York Stock Exchanges, then with our nation’s Federal Reserve.  As an early pioneer of the Work at Home revolution,  my family has been dealing with “Work at Home Mania” since 1992, and the numerous adventures & misadventures we’ve encountered along the way.  I started this journey when my children were quite small, 3 & 6 to be exact. Specifically to be there for them and my parents when they got older.  For the Family.  My Children, they are now 2 beautiful adults that I am very proud of. I also have an absolutely mischievous grandson. Don’t forget my very debonair son-in-law. I still live & work At Home where I was born and raised in the gorgeous rural farming countryside & community of Southern Indiana

I hope that you find the information contained within the pages of Work At Home Mania to both informative and useful in your search for your goal of finding the ultimate family treasure. A real work at home job.

Peace and Love to all.

Work At Home Mania!
Online since 1980! At Home since 1992!
This is what I used in 1980 to trade stocks online with the New York Stock Exchange.
I used this to transfer Fed Funds to the Federal Reserve in the 1980’s.

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