The Best Hair Clips to Stay Comfy and Cool

Woman in red shirt wearing a hair clip

Put your hair up and keep it there!

Hair clips can do wonders for your comfort and style. A hair clip is great on a hot day when you're trying to keep cool or perhaps you're heading to a more formal event…

The Best Hair Dryer for Those Who Like to Look Good Fast

Hair dryer in front of a pink background

These tools will get your strands from damp to dry so efficiently.

Finding the right hair dryer isn't an easy task. With so many hair dryers on the market, each boasting a different technology or a combination of several, it's hard to…

The Best Red Lipsticks That Instantly Glam Up Your Look

Woman having a picnic

They work great on most skin tones.

Red lipstick isn't just for a Friday night on the town. You'll be surprised how a little splash of red can boost your mood and mindset to help you tackle any day of the…

The Best Leggings with Pockets That Are Perfect for Work

Woman doing yoga

For work—or working out, maybe?

Leggings are great, but leggings with pockets are even better. If you're out for run, hitting the gym, or just taking a brisk walk, you don't always want to lug a purse…

The Best Makeup Brush Set

Woman applying makeup

These sets will make you feel like a makeup artist.

A makeup brush set can help you focus on your eyes and your skin. A makeup brush allows you to control the tone and contour details to highlight your best features.
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