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Here are great jobs search tools to help you search for legitimate work at home jobs.

My Employment Options

I wish to share with you some wonderful information about a fabulous company I came across several years ago, that I know will be helpful to those who receive SSDI and/or SSI benefits and who want to return to work or work for the first time. My Employment Options is an Employment Network that specializes in Work at Home Jobs.

My Employment Options

If you or someone you know receives SSDI/ SSI disability, (non retirement) (ages 18-64) Employment Options may be able to help them find a Work at Home or Onsite local job as part of the Free Federal Ticket to Work Program! Their services are FREE to qualified beneficiaries and employers who enjoy hiring their pre-screened candidates. Employers also can receive tax credits – when hiring from this great program. For more information about this wonderful company, see below.

Below you will find a great job search tool.