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Since 1983

Quicken financial software was originally written for MS-DOS and the Apple II back in 1983 and first released in 1984. More than likely I started using the Quicken software at home around 1993 or so. I even used it to help with reports at my full time job. Quicken is the easiest financial software out on the market. I personally use the Home and Business version. Quicken is the best financial software on the market.

Wikipedia says:

The Quicken name typically refers to the core product offering of personal financial management software. The software includes financial planning activities that, historically, people may have done on paper – recording banking transactions, planning a budget and measuring progress against it, tracking investments and their prices and performance. Quicken has offered various editions, with varying prices – such as Basic which includes only those typical activities for someone with simple banking accounts, to Small Business for someone (like me) who also runs a business out of their home.

Beginning in 2018

Beginning with Quicken 2018, Quicken became a subscription service. Annual memberships can be purchased directly from and two-year subscriptions can be purchased through several retailers. After years of using Quicken We are proud to say that Quicken has become a sponsor of Work at Home Mania.

What the Quicken software looks like

Quicken best financial software on the market

After trying several other financial software companies, I always go back to Quicken. Quite simply it is the best and easiest software out on the market today. Even if Quicken wasn’t a sponsor of Work at Home Mania, we would still recommend there product because frankly the software and support is awesome!

Simplifi by Quicken

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CashBounty ~ Earn Money

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Ways to earn money at home

We often talk about ways to earn money from home, I just come across one of best ways to earn money. CashBounty ~ Earn Money at home


I just earned $25.00 with CashBounty from my couch in under 30 minutes… Sounds too good? CashBounty ~ Earn Money at Home You can try it for yourself! Sign up within 24h to get a free $25 bonus if you use our link

Post on Social Media and Start earning for FREE

This is the best and easiest way to make money online! Start earning for FREE! Not only do you earn from getting referrals, they also pay you for posting on social media! Earn up to $30 per post! Get Paid to post On IG, Facebook, Tiktok & YouTube for a limited time only.

Earn Extra with Your Socials

Their Submissions Program pays you for submitting link to your social media post asking people to join Rewards Feed.

Every time you post to your social media, give CashBounty the link of that post & earn extra bonus.

Earn by testing out New Apps.

Refer and Earn

They offer $15 for every person that you invite, and pay $1 every time someone clicks on your referral link. You also earn 20% of lifetime earnings of your referrals as commissions. This is the best way to maximize your earnings! Many CashBounty users earn hundreds by sharing their referral link daily on their social media.

Join today like I did and make money with your friends. Go To CashBounty and start earning today. CashBounty ~ Earn Money

Fiction 4 All eBooks

For your entertainment during your off time, we have partnered with Fiction 4 All eBooks. They have an awesome assortment of eBooks available to read. Dragon Claw Books for Juvenile or young adults, Double Dragon, Fantasy and Science Fiction , Also available are Gravestone Press, Horror and suspense

Great Books From Fiction4All
Fiction 4 All

They also carry Crime/Thrillers Fiction, Romance from Heartfelt Press , Belief Systems from Zadkiel Publishing. While they concentrate on eBooks they all also carry paperback books so you can curl up on the couch with a warm drink and relax while you visit the magic world that reading can take you to.

Looking for Work at Home From the U.K.

Earn Money Shopping with Capital One Shopping

Shopping Online

Earn money shopping with Capital One Shopping. We know we often talk about signing up and adding extensions to your browsers. Here is one that we also use to determine the best bargain for our money. Capital One Shopping allows you to get the best price on many items, not just stores but discounts and percentages of money back just for using the Browser extension. As a matter of fact, we had forgotten that we had the browser extension until this morning. While paying our WordPress Bill, Capital One Shopping located a promo that allowed us to save $50.00 off of our bill. Plus, we will get a percentage back for using Capital One Shopping. We think that Capital One Shopping is another awesome way to earn back money just for shopping for things that you already use.

Our referral link to sign for Capital One Shopping is right here: We are so tickled we just realized that we had money sitting in our account to redeem for gift cards for companies that you really use. Plus it is so easy to use that I actually forgot about the browser extension.

. You can receive rewards two ways. Receive Rewards two ways:

Click the “ok” button when prompted to activate Rewards while shopping on partnered stores. The button will change from “ok” to “activating” to “activated”. Once you see the “activated” text, you’re ready to receive Rewards. Capital One Shopping must be activated before your purchase is made to earn Rewards. 

Follow the save button in the Capital One Shopping Other Offers section on a Capital One Shopping product page. 

Note: offers are eligible for earning Rewards when noted in the ‘details’ column. 

Capital One Shopping Rewards can also be earned through local purchases by linking a credit card to Capital One Shopping. Click here to learn more.

Once an eligible purchase is made with Capital One Shopping Rewards activated, it may take up to 30 days for the Rewards to apply to your account. This issuance time varies by retailer and, for some retailers, can be up to 60 days or longer. Travel related Rewards can take up to 90 days after travel is completed. To read more on exclusions, click here

Already have Rewards to redeem? Click here to learn how!

Some of links in this post are referral links for Capital One Shopping, we may receive compensation for your clicking on the links.

Don’t just take my word for it check out these articles on Capital One Shopping

BeFrugal ~ Get Money for Shopping

BeFrugal, Get Money for Shopping. This is our refer a friend link for BeFrugal. If you shop online as much as we do, especially around Christmas time. You have to get this extension for your browser. You get a percentage in cash back at over 5000 + Stores. By signing up you receive a $10.00 Welcome Bonus. If you refer your friends like we are doing, or you can invite them by email or sharing on social media. You will receive a $25.00 bonus for every friend you refer. And your friend will receive a $15.00 bonus once they earn $10.00 in cash back. We do almost all our shopping on line these days and we have been lucky enough this year to earn a few hundred dollars back, shopping for products we use daily.

We wanted to post this BeFrugal link to share with you an awesome way to earn money just for shopping from home.

BeFrugal Members


They are great, you can earn money back shopping at Walmart, Amazon JC Penny’s, Walgreens, Best Buy, eBay, Target, Groupon and so many more.

With all the shopping and saving you are going to be doing this year, don’t forget your fellow man. Remember your neighbors that live alone, check on them to make sure they are doing well everyday, but especially during the holidays. Remember to donate anyway you can to those less fortunate. Help them Have Happy Holidays as well. And don’t forget the reason for the season. Get involved, do something, to make your world a better place.

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