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Salute to the troops & Work at Home Info

Salute to the United States Military!
Salute to our Troops

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Salute to our Troops

Our Veterans Deserve the best care for protecting our Freedom.

Special Thanks to my Maternal Grandfather Carl E. Miller who served in the army during World War II. His service to our country included being held captive in Hitler’s Nazi Concentration Camps, not once but twice. He nearly starved to death before he was rescued.

Yes, he suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, commonly called PTSD. This is very common among our service men and women as well as others. So you never know at what cost Freedom has been given.

Carl E. Miller

Special Thanks to my Father Eugene Smith for his service in the army during the Korean War and his subsquential service in Berlin Germany.

Eugene Smith

My Father was barely 18 when he was sent off to the Korean war. He and my mother often spoke of their adventures in Berlin Germany during his service. It wasn’t until my Mother passed did he speak to me about some of his experiences in Korea, he was a medic on the front line. His experiences are what nightmares are made of.

Salute to the spouses that are left behind

Lest we forget the ones that are keeping the home fires burning. My Grandmother had 4 children while my Grandfather was away. My parents did not have me until they were out of the service. However, my first husband was Military and we had two small children at home. At one point in time, he went to Officer’s candidate school which left me alone for several months with a small baby and a 3 year old. I was working full time and my dear Grandmother was ill with cancer. I managed, but I have no clue how my Grandmother managed with 4 children. I personally salute the spouses that are at home waiting patiently for their loved ones to return.

Please remember to honor our Veterans as they and their families endure so much to give our country something so precious, Our Freedom.

Proud Life member of V.F.W. Post 1427,
Charlestown Indiana.


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Women in Music

“Why do we allow 7,000 truck-song singing men, but limit ourselves to only one or two ‘outlaw’ women?” This Nashville-based music mag wants to ditch the modifiers and change the conversation about women in music.

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My usual timing lately……………

For the past several months (actually 5 years) I have been juggling numerous tasks at once. 

While planning our Bunco Mania it seems that I dropped a ball or two…………….my timing (or the date) was an issue. No one in their right mind (never said I was LOL) would schedule an activity for Thanksgiving weekend. Much less the night that they “Light up” the Christmas Lights in our sweet little town of Charlestown, Indiana. The V.F.W. Post 1427 was almost empty when we left, but the main street of Charlestown was bumper to bumper. The crowd was amazing and the lights are beautiful. But is the water still brown? (just wondering out loud, sorry)

I did get the honor of meeting 2 pretty amazing ladies from Pure Romance.  Lindsay Daily and Erica Wilder They are trained knowledgeable Advanced Consultants for the company. Due to the nature of their products, their display consisted of lotions only. After speaking with them (having been an adult product representative at 1 time myself) I was quite impressed with the Pure Romance company. Yes, I was quite impressed with these amazing ladies and hope to see them again soon. Maybe we will try another get together in January?

Since I am up & babbling early today, I want to say thank you to the following people for Saturday night…….Dawn Bussey Lewis, Tony Lewis, Scott Traver, Alan Anderson, Dan Lang, Bob (Robert) Gehm. As usual you folks are covering my rear end. I Love you all dearly! Here’s to many more years making beautiful music together.

Please don’t forget if anyone can help donate to our Danny’s Transplant fund we are still raising money for it. He is a wonderful guy that I have known since I was 12. He was my first guitar player and we worked together at Louisville Plate Glass company. He is my big brother and I know he would give anyone the shirt off his back. He has played music at numerous benefits to raise money for others (we only raised $4,000.00 at his benefit) through the years and it is time to give back some of what he has given out… Yes He needs a Liver and a Kidney he is on the transplant list, BUT DAN DAN THE GUITAR MAN is still playing music and doing benefits to raise money for others. Yeah folks it’s time to open your pocket even if it’s just $10.00 it will go to a good cause.  Here is his go fund me Link


Everyone have an absolutely Great Day!!!