Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder Stigma

I have mentioned that I am disabled, but never mentioned the fact that I have Bipolar Disorder due to the stigma that is attached to the illness

Previously, I had mentioned this on a website and I had 2 ex boyfriends tell me to take it out of the website because it wasn’t important. I don’t know if they were embarassed that I am bipolar or what but this is who I am and if they can’t deal with it then I am sorry. My personal opinion is, it very important to remove the stigma that is attached to the illness. Because it affects more people than you realize. (see below for famous people that have Bipolar Disorder)

My disability is managed with medication, but even then the medications have side effects. For me it took several doctors and over 10 years of trial and error to get my medication somewhat normal. With my bipolar disorder, I have episodes where I either sleep excessively (depression) or I am up 24/7 (Mania). This makes it very difficult to hold a job. I am however very creative and artistic as most people with this disorder are.

Bipolar disorder used to be called Manic Depression. Hence the mania, so this is where Work at Home Mania came from.

Famous People that have Bipolar Disorder If you click this link there is a slide show of famous people that have Bipolar disorder. There are many more that aren’t even included on this list. Issac Newton for one.

For more information on Bipolar disorder please visit Wedmd or Everyday Health

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